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Their outstanding service with over 100,000 immediately bookable media has already helped numerous customers to to increase their visibility through targeted PR campaigns.
gründer.de gründer.de
Thanks to over 100,000 publishers and over 100 target markets, there is something for every company, Over 1,000 sources are added every month. Here, attention is paid to quality, simply super!
entrepreneur.com unternehmer.de - News, expert knowledge, practical tips
Revolutionized with the large pool of available websites that are eligible for publication definitely the German PR market!
marketinginstitute.biz gründer.de

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Push landing pages

Backlinks as #2 ranking factor push your product pages to your defined keywords in the Google SERPs.

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Defending positions

Are your competitors passing you by in Google? Because they build backlinks? Defend yourself and your rankings – build your own backlinks!

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Trustbuilding thanks to “Known from”

The obligatory “Known from” should not be missing on any website. With us you can book articles from national newspapers, TV stations and specialist portals and advertise on your site from now on.

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Reputation building

Suppressing negative articles in Google? That works! All you have to do is book strong websites with us. In most cases, the negative articles slide to the bottom.

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Kick-starting content marketing campaigns

Many brands buy reach for their campaigns. So that the ball starts rolling and the campaign develops a certain momentum of its own!

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SEO? We don’t do that!

Business is booming. PPC and other channels have generated enough revenue in the past. Further traffic channels are now to be developed. SEO echoes through the office building. Budgets are approved, KPIs are defined and suddenly you are responsible for the complex World of search engine optimization. We at impulsQ are here for you. Help you to achieve Your goals. Take part in discussions with your superiors on request. Answer questions and work out an individual strategy for you.

We at impulsQ build the backlinks according to your specifications and are available to you as a sparring partner with our many years of experience. We won’t leave you out in the rain. Your boss or your boss wants to hold a meeting on the progress of your activity? We accompany you and adequately answer any questions that arise.

impulsQ – Become my contact person


SEO? Sure, but with little success!

SEO teams? Even in large companies, there is often only one person responsible for SEO. Without the help of reliable partners, the tasks become overwhelming. The permanent The pressure to perform doesn’t make it any easier. The purchase of backlinks is an efficient opportunity to increase visibility.

Customers buy backlinks & much more from us. With success.

We push rankings.
Our case studies are convincing.

The information on the case studies is not enough for you? We think that’s right. We think that’s important. Click on one of the case studies and you will receive a detailed description of our approach and of the successes achieved. Have fun.


Customer Traffic in % Traffic Built up backlinks Customer since
Affiliate project +307% 122K to 497K 672 2017


Customer Backlinks in % Built up backlinks Social media mentions Achieved in
blank AFS+ +165% 131 to 310 +2.750% 4 weeks

Content marketing campaign

Customer Built up backlinks Registrations Turnover in € Achieved in
blank Ranksider 20 + 134 31.000 € 2 weeks

Optimization of a landing page

Customer Traffic in % Increase in the keyword ranking Investment Achieved in
Customer from gastronomy +40 % +37 % 2.000 € 1 week

Social Media

Customer Website traffic in % Follower Turnover in € Customer for
Kit house +1.814% + 106% from € 5.9 million to € 6.1 million 1.5 years

+148% more visitors #CaseStudy

Large comparison portal, known from radio and television


Initial situation

For more than three years, we have been supporting a large comparison portal in a highly competitive market. Environment. Competitors are continuously building up backlinks and the task is to use existing keyword rankings and to defend a set of keywords in the rankings from the original position 3 to to improve 1st place. It is a defensive strategy to achieve sustainable growth from year to year. to increase both sales and profits.

I have never regretted working with the experts from impulsQ. Several times a week I receive link suggestions tailored to my site and profound concepts on request. In the meantime I maintain I have a friendly relationship with my contact person. I can always turn to him and no matter how long a call ever lasted, I was never charged for it.
Managing Director of the comparison portal told impulsQ
  • TOP 3 RANKINGS blank

ONE CLICK. Our customer dashboard. Digital. 24/7. One Click.

Link building in Germany
has never been so easy.


Question? Your link building expert is available!

impulsQ customers value us for our exceptional service. We are available. Classically via e-mail. On platforms such as Whatsapp and Telegram. Or completely uncomplicated in the customer dashboard. You can chat directly with your personal advisor. Totally easy. Without waiting time. Always competent. This can be very helpful. If you are unsure whether you should buy a specific backlink. Ask the question in the live chat. If you are a update for a booking. Ask the question in the live chat. If you can get one within two hours need a backlink. Ask the question in the live chat. We are the professionals. You are our customer. So that you are king or queen with us. We take this seriously.

Use the budget for backlinks correctly!

Perhaps you are currently still with one of our competitors. Fair enough. We like our Fellow campaigners. There are German link building agencies that do a really good job. Only a question. How have you decided for or against a backlink so far? Domain Rating? Relevance to the topic? Visibility? Trustflow? LRT? Organic traffic? The criteria in the are useless when viewed in isolation. Because they can be manipulated. Because they only cover part of the Rate this website. Because some of them are also misinterpreted. Our solution: The P[AI]R. A metric developed by impulsQ for the comprehensive evaluation of link sources. So if you have the feeling that the influence of backlinks on your rankings is only minimal then you have simply bought the wrong backlinks. A high SI says nothing. A high DR says nothing. The combination is crucial. This is done by the Publisher Artifical Intelligence Rating for you. So if you don’t want to spend your budget on backlinks out of the window, you should switch to impulsQ.

We have the right backlinks!

Admittedly. With more than 250,000 websites in marketing, our range is very large. The can really overwhelm you sometimes. We have a solution for this. An easy to operable filter. Select your desired link according to subject area, domain rating, traffic, P[AI]R… and receive suitable backlinks in milliseconds. Before you buy backlinks from us and pay for your individual dashboard is activated, we will hold a joint kick-off meeting. We find out what is important to you, which markets you need, which metrics you pay attention to… Based on this data, we upload a preselection of link sources to your dashboard. So don’t worry. You will not be overwhelmed, but will receive optimal support from us.

Exclusive link sources. You’ll only find them with us.

No other agency offers you a selection of 250,000+ potential link sources. That is in itself is already unique. Every week, 1,000 new pages are added. How does that work? We have a huge outreach team. We are not resellers. So we have direct contacts. Thereby we not only get backlinks online faster, but also cheaper to buy. The best on it. Many of them are marketed exclusively by us. So you can get to link sources with us, that you won’t find anywhere else. This alone makes cooperation worthwhile.

New offers every day.

Our selection is limitless. If you want, we can offer you new special deals every day. suggest. These are backlinks that are more favorable for a certain period of time or are currently in were included in the marketing. We are also completely geared to you in the way we work. Would you like to receive the new offers by e-mail? No problem. Do you want them directly from the Book a dashboard? No problem. You say. We do.

Simply book backlinks from Germany.

We would like to integrate ourselves into your workflow. Make it as easy as possible for you. You shall have no stress. Do not be overwhelmed. You book backlinks and we do the rest. You you get access to your personal dashboard. With just one click you can make a booking make. You can specify a topic if you wish. The article type [standard, compartment, premium] and let’s go. If you have a question. No problem. We are here to help you.

Simply book #SoGo

Clear and efficient communication processes

  1. 1 Get to know In the call we get to know you and your goals
  2. 2 Access Access to the customer dashboard and individual link suggestions
  3. 3 Book Book link! Enter link target and anchor! The rest is up to Rankiago!
  4. 4 Control Control of the link building article on request
  5. 5 Online We endeavor to implement every booking within 24 hours
  6. 6 Follow-up check Automatic check whether your link is online, indexed and set to Dofollow
  7. 7 Permanent 24 months online guarantee!


#Link marketplaces

  • Access to exclusive
    Link sources
  • More personal
    Account manager
  • Suitable link sources
    are suggested to you
  • P[AI]R & P[VI]R Metric for the
    Evaluation of links
  • Link building articles with
    min. 1000 words
  • General questions about the
    Link building
  • No advance payment – only
    after completion
  • Schedule link bookings
    and plan for the future

impulsQ – Exclusive link marketplace #FürDichGeeignet


Premium link marketplace for premium customers

ImpulsQ is exclusive. Our offer is aimed exclusively at end customers with an annual turnover of of at least 400,000 euros and a link building budget of more than 2,000 euros per month. We know from years of experience that the first successes are achieved by buying backlinks. not stop overnight. Sufficient budget is a basic prerequisite for long-term success. rising rankings. So if you are an affiliate, online store operator, service provider or brand want to generate more visibility with backlinks, then Rankiago is just right for you. You and your project.

Get exclusive access!

If you value personal support

With impulsQ you get access to thousands of websites compiled for you. From now on you have the opportunity to place your link on high-reach online media. We do not want to, that the pages marketed by us end up on Excel lists and are passed around within the scene. become. For this reason, we do not work together with other link building agencies and use to a trustworthy cooperation with you. A non-binding initial consultation is therefore advantageous for both sides.

Book an initial consultation and get to know us!


Added value – search intention – passion

Backlinks are built up quickly. The effect often fizzles out and the customer is disappointed. No wonder, because some of the customers’ link targets offer no real added value. It is intended to a highly competitive keyword as high as possible without sacrificing the quality of the keyword. own content. Do you pay attention to lovingly designed content? If the user or the user at the center of your actions? Are you passionate about what you do? You belong to our favorite customers.

Push your website and reap rising rankings!

This is link building!
This is impulsQ!

ImpulsQ stands for uncomplicated and successful link building

  • > 250.000 Publishers in marketing
  • > 100 Target markets on offer
  • > 1.000 New link sources per month
  • > 400 International brands as customers

Impressive – I want to become customer #401

In three different quality levels

We deliver the best link building articles

  • 800 to 1,000 words
  • Subheadings
  • Pictures
  • Quality index 8/10
  • 1,300 to 1,500 words
  • YouTube video
  • Subheadings
  • Bullet points
  • Pictures
  • Quality index 9/10
  • 1,700 to 2,000 words
  • Infographic
  • YouTube video
  • Subheadings
  • Table
  • Bullet points
  • Pictures
  • Quality index 10/10

Trust the number 1 in link building!

We are a leader for a reason
in building backlinks.

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