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What are we doing differently?

Why you need backlinks from Germany
should you buy from impulsQ?

250,000+ websites
110+ countries
Spambrain Protection
100% digitized
24/7 service
1 day implementation
Technical article
2-year plus guarantee
Fiver no no no no no no no no
Freelancer no no no no no no no no
impulsQ Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Link marketplaces no no no no no no no no
Other agencies no no no no no no no no

Our customer dashboard. Digital. 24/7. One Click.

Link building in Germany
has never been so easy.


Question? Your link building expert is available!

impulsQ customers value us for our exceptional service. We are available. Classically via e-mail. On platforms such as Whatsapp and Telegram. Or completely uncomplicated in the customer dashboard. You can chat directly with your personal advisor. Totally easy. Without waiting time. Always competent. This can be very helpful. If you are unsure whether you should buy a specific backlink. Ask the question in the live chat. If you are a update for a booking. Ask the question in the live chat. If you can get one within two hours need a backlink. Ask the question in the live chat. We are the professionals. You are our customer. So that you are king or queen with us. We take this seriously.

Use the budget for backlinks correctly!

Perhaps you are currently still with one of our competitors. Fair enough. We like our Fellow campaigners. There are German link building agencies that do a really good job. Only a question. How have you decided for or against a backlink so far? Domain Rating? Relevance to the topic? Visibility? Trustflow? LRT? Organic traffic? The criteria in the are useless when viewed in isolation. Because they can be manipulated. Because they only cover part of the Rate this website. Because some of them are also misinterpreted. Our solution: The P[AI]R. A metric developed by impulsQ for the comprehensive evaluation of link sources. So if you have the feeling that the influence of backlinks on your rankings is only minimal then you have simply bought the wrong backlinks. A high SI says nothing. A high DR says nothing. The combination is crucial. This is done by the Publisher Artifical Intelligence Rating for you. So if you don’t want to spend your budget on backlinks out of the window, you should switch to impulsQ.

We have the right backlinks!

Admittedly. With more than 250,000 websites in marketing, our range is very large. The can really overwhelm you sometimes. We have a solution for this. An easy to operable filter. Select your desired link according to subject area, domain rating, traffic, P[AI]R… and receive suitable backlinks in milliseconds. Before you buy backlinks from us and pay for your individual dashboard is activated, we will hold a joint kick-off meeting. We find out what is important to you, which markets you need, which metrics you pay attention to… Based on this data, we upload a preselection of link sources to your dashboard. So don’t worry. You will not be overwhelmed, but will receive optimal support from us.

Exclusive link sources. You’ll only find them with us.

No other agency offers you a selection of 250,000+ potential link sources. That is in itself is already unique. Every week, 1,000 new pages are added. How does that work? We have a huge outreach team. We are not resellers. So we have direct contacts. Thereby we not only get backlinks online faster, but also cheaper to buy. The best on it. Many of them are marketed exclusively by us. So you can get to link sources with us, that you won’t find anywhere else. This alone makes cooperation worthwhile.

New offers every day.

Our selection is limitless. If you want, we can offer you new special deals every day. suggest. These are backlinks that are more favorable for a certain period of time or are currently in were included in the marketing. We are also completely geared to you in the way we work. Would you like to receive the new offers by e-mail? No problem. Do you want them directly from the Book a dashboard? No problem. You say. We do.

Simply book backlinks from Germany.

We would like to integrate ourselves into your workflow. Make it as easy as possible for you. You shall have no stress. Do not be overwhelmed. You book backlinks and we do the rest. You you get access to your personal dashboard. With just one click you can make a booking make. You can specify a topic if you wish. The article type [standard, compartment, premium] and let’s go. If you have a question. No problem. We are here to help you.

Buy backlinks Germany at impulsQ in figures

Over the past few years, we have been able to
build a unique network.

You and your rankings will benefit from this.

  • 10,000 contacts with German
  • 25,000 German websites in the
  • 1,000+ German customers built for customers
    Backlinks per month
  • 4,400+ rankings from customers in the
    Top10 pushed

impulsQ vs. other agencies

Eben German link building agencies
are all the same. Not at all!

You and your rankings will benefit from this.

Spambrain Protection

There is always a risk of being penalized by Google. We minimize the risk of damage with our innovative Spambrain Protection approach the probability of a penalty. With KI. With quality. With experience. With and only with impulsQ.

impulsQ Other agencies
Own AI metric for the evaluation of link sources
Specialist or premium articles
Largest selection of backlinks. You get backlinks that your competitors don’t have. This way you avoid pattern recognition by Google.
12 years of experience in link building

Linkbuilding articles

Why do we invest so much time in your link building articles? Because Google crawls the articles, evaluates and ranks. A backlink from the strongest website is of no use to you if the link building article does not offer any added value. That is why we invest in quality. Because your success is important to us.

impulsQ Other agencies
1,000 words standard 800 words standard
Optional: Specialist article with 1,500 words
Optional: Premium article with 2,000 words
Multimedia content [infographics, video, images] Multimedia content [Bilder]
Content design [headings, bullet points, tables] Content Design [Headings]
AI content only on explicit customer request We know agencies that publish AI content and don’t communicate this to clients.
Up to 18 external and internal links to disguise the backlink purchase 2 to 3 external & internal links
The article is submitted to the customer for revision. No limitation in the correction loops. Some agencies do not send the link building article to the client in advance. Maximum one correction loop.
Studied in-house editing External 3 to 5 cents per word copywriter
Our goal: To maximize the influence of backlinks on your rankings. Their goal: the highest possible profit margin with minimum effort.


Backlinks are not your main area. You have a technical question during our collaboration. You need a new backlink preferably yesterday. We love backlinks. With us as your partner you can count on us. Always. We are here for you. Unconditional. No matter where the shoe pinches.

impulsQ Other agencies
Available 24/7 08:00 to 17:00
Personal contact with training at the Academy for Search Engine Optimization. Changing contact persons with a focus on sales
Customer dashboard. Easily book backlinks at any time of day or night. Excel lists
Backlinks can be implemented within 24 hours on request. 7 days until a backlink is set

Technical expertise

The link building industry is riddled with freelancers and companies who are looking for the fastest possible want to earn a lot of money. The professional development of employees is not just a matter of route, but does not take place at many agencies. We are different. Our expertise is our capital. Our customers value us for this. Because quality is not just a buzzword for us.

impulsQ Other agencies
Every employee has completed training at the Academy for Search Engine Optimization.
Advisory board with five of the best-known German link building experts. No lectures. No lecturing activity. No technical articles.
More than 12 years of link building experience Every day a new agency tries its luck in the link building business.
We give lectures. Are lecturers at various universities. Write technical articles on a regular basis. We do that for you. Because we want to be the best link builders. Sales pitches

What characterizes a German high quality backlink?

We have the right ones for you
Backlinks from Germany.

You and your rankings will benefit from this.

German High Quality Backlink.
With a high domain rating.

Backlinks with high authority!

Do you want your link building to rattle? Really banging? Catapult into the top 10 in the rankings? We offer you a large number of German sites with a high DR. But please be careful. We recommend the DR should never be viewed in isolation, as it can be manipulated by publishers. Metrics such as the P[AI]R are more meaningful.

DR > 30 7,000 German pages in the portfolio
DR > 40 4,000 German pages in the portfolio
DR > 50 1,000 German pages in the portfolio
P[AI]R > 20 4.000
P[AI]R > 40 3.000
P[AI]R > 50 1.800

German High Quality Backlink.
Evaluated with an AI.

Backlinks with real power!

The Publisher Artificial Intelligence Rating. This is the link building metric par excellence. From the home impulsQ. Developed to recognize the best German backlinks for you. Developed to Optimize your link building budget. Developed to minimize the risk of penalties. minimize. You can buy backlinks with a P[AI]R of over 40 and we have plenty of them from Germany on offer. See for yourself.

German High Quality Backlink.
Traffic is crucial.

Buy backlinks from websites with real bang!

You should not buy backlinks from German websites with less than 5,000 visitors per month. Exception: specialist portals or niche sites. An online newspaper with a handful of monthly Visitors are obviously only used to sell links. Hands off. We can offer you suggest real websites with many monthly visitors. Traffic is all that matters.

5,000 visitors/month 2.500
20,000 visitors/month 2.200
30,000 visitors/month 1.800
50,000 visitors/month 1.300
100,000 visitors/month 600
Online newspapers 2.100
Economy 800
Universities 60

German High Quality Backlink.
Topic relevance available.

German backlinks that fit your project.

Who wouldn’t want topic-relevant backlinks? So incoming links that are thematically related to your Website fit. We can offer you backlinks from over twenty industries. Even coveted We can provide you with university links. Trust without end. Google will love it and your website with better rankings.

German High Quality Backlink.
The ranking requirement.

Dofollow + without labeling = maximum ranking influence

If a German website picks up the article we have written, it will be published without labeling and published with a dofollow backlink. This is the basic requirement for link building in Germany. Sponsored posts and nofollow links have little to no influence on Your rankings. But don’t worry, we have many websites in our portfolio that offer the aforementioned fulfill criteria.

Without labeling 21.100
Dofollow 28.000

Why is it worth ranking at the top in Germany?

Backlinks are part of the solution
and push your keyword rankings
in the Top10 and Top3


Number of sole traders and entrepreneurs Germany

Is your target group B2B? Are your competitors ranking better than you with your website? With link building in Germany, you can climb into the top 10 for your focus keyword and reach numerous new sole traders and entrepreneurs. Better rankings = More visitors = More leads = More sales = Relaxed life.


Number of online stores in Germany


Annual net e-commerce sales in Germany

[In Milliarden €]


Purchasing power of private households in Germany

[In € pro Kopf]

Are backlinks from Germany any good at all?

Backlinks are among the TOP3
Ranking factors.

  • 3,8x Position #1 at Google owns
    3.8 times more backlinks
    than positions #2 to #10.
  • Authority There is a connection
    between the authority of the website and
    Number of rankings.

Let’s talk about spambrain!

Agencies like to avoid the subject.

Because you have no solution. We do.


Google search is 99% free of spam and manipulation attempts. Spambrain makes it possible. For backlinks to have an impact on your rankings, you should focus on quality and not on Set quantity. Your rankings will thank you for it.


Google’s AI-based spam protection system now detects 200 times more manipulations than in 2018 Backlinks should only be built by professionals/experts. Everything else is playing with the fire. Your existence is at stake.

We have been disputing the German link building industry for 12 years

With pride. For our customers. For you.

Because good is not good enough when it comes to link building. We want to be better.


Pioneer in writing link building articles

Since 2014, our link building articles have had at least 1,000 words. At a time when other agencies have published link building articles with 400 words. We now offer We also offer our customers specialist & premium articles. For less risk of being penalized by Google. For more backlink power.

Pioneer in the evaluation of backlinks

The Publisher Artifical Intelligence Rating, or P[AI]R for short, is the world’s first metric for the Evaluation of potential link sources. The algorithm is made up of twenty factors. Among other things, visibility, traffic data and authority are taken into account. The AI component of the The algorithm was trained by four link builders and 40,000 manually evaluated pages. After a year of development, we can evaluate the publishers’ websites in a meaningful way. This means that we only book the best pages for our clients and use the backlink budget efficiently. As a future impulsQ customer, you will have access to the P[AI]R metric. How cool is that? No other link building agency offers you this. Guaranteed.


Pioneer in specialist expertise

It may sound arrogant, but even our competitors listen enthusiastically to our presentations at trade fairs. We present the latest findings in link building, Study results and case studies. Our employees are welcome speakers at Campixx, the Digital Bash, OMT, WordPress Camp… Almost forgotten, every employee completes a Training at the Academy for Search Engine Optimization. This enables us to guarantee optimum and professionally correct support for our customers.

Why didn’t I buy my backlinks from you much earlier? It’s about time

Better backlinks than your competitors! Only with impulsQ!

With our AI metric, you only buy
still high-quality backlinks!

Backlinks that positively influence your rankings.

Rising rankings. Excellent backlinks. From real professionals.

Buy German backlinks.
Let’s start with an appointment.

Let’s take the first step and find out more about each other in a video call. Where do you need concrete help. Which keywords are important to you? What requirements do you have for a backlink? We talk without obligation. You have nothing to lose. Select a date of your choice below.

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