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You want more TOP-10 &
TOP 3 rankings on Google?

Invest in an SEO audit as the basis for your SEO success.

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Ranking better in the long term. leave competitors behind.

We identify the levers for more
and growth

More organic visitors

The SEO audit identifies existing SEO problems and identifies solutions. Goal – Your website should be found on the first page of Google for all relevant keywords.

Identify errors, potential & growth levers

Losses in organic traffic? Little visibility? Hardly any product sales? There are reasons for this. We check your website and uncover the problems that are costing you traffic and sales.

Using resources efficiently

By increasing the number of organic visitors, you can reduce your advertising costs for Google Ads. More visitors, better rankings and lower costs – this is how an SEO audit pays off.

It all starts with an SEO audit

When do I need a
SEO audit by experts?


Not happy with your keyword rankings?


Your organic visibility leaves a lot to be desired?


Google updates have had a negative impact?


You haven’t focused on search engine optimization yet?


Is your project about to be relaunched?


Are you planning an internationalization strategy?


Should different domains be merged under one domain in the future?

Ideal for more traffic! Ideal for more sales! Ideal for you!

Investment in an SEO audit =
Basis for your SEO strategy


from € 2,790

Ideal for small projects

  • SEO Audit [Onpage]
  • Performance check
  • Catalog of measures
  • Final discussion: 1 hour

Let’s talk


from € 5,790

Ideal for medium-sized projects

  • SEO Audit [Onpage]
  • Performance audit
  • Technical SEO audit
  • SEO competitor analysis
  • Catalog of measures
  • Final discussion: 2 hours

Let’s talk


from € 7,790

Ideal for large projects

  • SEO Audit [Onpage]
  • Performance audit
  • Technical SEO audit
  • SEO competitor analysis
  • Catalog of measures
  • Final meeting: 3 hours

Let’s talk

SEO expert Fabian Auler & team create your SEO audit

We do NOT send you an 0815 automated SEO audit. My team and I analyze the status quo of your website and derive specific recommendations for action from the data.

Sorted by importance & impact, so that the first ranking successes will not be long in coming. You benefit not only from our knowledge, but also from our experience from over 1,000 created SEO audits. Every day, we put our skills to the test on behalf of our customers. Don’t leave the creation of an SEO audit in just anyone’s hands, trust us – the experts.

Fabian Auler
Head of SEO

Still not convinced?

Case studies of selected customers

Would you like more information about the case study? Click on a customer.


Customer Traffic in % Traffic Built up backlinks Customer since
Affiliate project +307% 122K to 497K 672 2017


Customer Backlinks in % Built up backlinks Social media mentions Achieved in
blank AFS+ +165% 131 to 310 +2.750% 4 weeks

Content marketing campaign

Customer Built up backlinks Registrations Turnover in € Achieved in
blank Ranksider 20 + 134 31.000 € 2 weeks

Optimization of a landing page

Customer Traffic in % Increase in the keyword ranking Investment Achieved in
Customer from gastronomy +40 % +37 % 2.000 € 1 week

Social Media

Customer Website traffic in % Follower Turnover in € Customer for
Kit house +1.814% + 106% from € 5.9 million to € 6.1 million 1.5 years

Your SEO audit from experienced experts

We are not the only ones.
We are unique.


Expertise & experience that only a few have

Enter your website in an SEO tool and generate a report. The SEO audit is complete. That’s not how it works here. Our SEO team has already created more than 1,000 SEO audits. Not in a simple way, but with expertise and concrete measures for implementation. There is hardly an SEO problem that we have not already solved for other clients. That’s why we are unique, because we do this every day and we are sure that Uncover SEO errors in your project. Our experience of over 10 years plays right into your hands.

First you, then the SEO audit

Okay – we could make it much easier for ourselves. You give us the project URL and We create the SEO audit. You would be a number and not a real customer. Is that what we want? No. First, we arrange a kick-off meeting. Don’t worry, with us you don’t have to wait for weeks. We will make time for you immediately. In the meeting you tell us something your goals, your project and the available resources. We use this to create a overview and create the starting position. Now we can create the SEO audit for you, which suits you and your individual expectations. impulsQ GmbH relies on on quality and not on 0815.


Please don’t leave me alone

Do you know that? At the beginning, you are promised the moon. The agencies want you absolutely as customers. As soon as the order for the SEO audit is in the bag, the trouble begins. Those responsible only respond sporadically to queries. Your contact person changes. You no longer feel in good hands. We don’t want that. With us you will be supported by a experienced SEO. Your supervisor is there for you. Meaning? Your superiors want an update from you? Our experts will be at the meeting on request. Don’t understand something in the catalog of measures? We’ll explain it to you in a Zoom call. You can rely on us. That’s exactly what you need. An excellently trained team, which is there for you around the clock.

SEO Audit – Checklist

Our checklist consists of
5 areas and 76 steps

The basics

We check the SEO basics
Your website
Priority What is being scrutinized?
1 Google Search Console entered
1 Matomo or Google Analytics set up
1 Keyword research available
1 Current rankings for all important keywords checked

Information architecture

We review the information architecture
Your website
Priority What is being scrutinized?
2 Pagination (categories, stores, no infinite scrolling)
1 Click-depth – are all important pages reached quickly?
2 Internal linking
2 Breadcrumbs
2 Anchor texts internal links
1 Menu structured logically – are all important pages linked?
2 Footer links
2 Sidebar links


We check the contents
Your website
Priority What is being scrutinized?
2 Content Location
2 Hub pages, distribution pages
1 Title tags optimized on every URL (pay attention to DC)
2 Meta description optimized on every URL (pay attention to DC)
1 Page Headings (H1)
2 Page Headings (H2)
1 Structure of the content, scanability, readability
1 Content design (font size, scannability, images, etc.)
1 Quality of the content
2 Quantity of content
2 404 page (is 404 also displayed?)
3 HTML Sitemap
1 Multilingualism: All pages translated correctly
2 General presence of video content
2 Content import via iframes?
1 Search Intent always hit?
1 Customer journey taken into account?
1 Topicality of the content


We check the user experience
Your website
Priority What is being scrutinized?
1 User-friendliness? Content and design fits the target group
1 Every visitor understands the meaning of the website immediately (3 second rule)
2 Modern, appealing web design
2 Check bounce rates and dwell time
3 User sessions recorded? (e.g. Hotjar or Mousflow)

Technology and indexing management

We check the technology and
Indexing management of your website
Priority What is being scrutinized?
2 Internal forwarding
1 Broken links
1 Broken redirects
1 Maintenance Errors (404, 403, 500)
2 External forwarding
2 Duplicate content
1 Keyword cannibalization
2 Image redirects
3 XML sitemap (also for images, news, videos, categories, etc.)
2 Image alt attributes
2 Compressed images
2 No internal nofollow links
1 hreflang tag used correctly (only for multilingualism)
1 Crawl status of the website (Google Search Console)
1 Correct use of canonical tags
1 Images do not have their own URLs
1 Correct use of canonical tags
1 Everything without search intent should not be indexable (e.g. set imprint to noindex,follow)
1 Mobile server errors
2 Robots.txt
2 Correct use of meta refreshes
2 Use meta robots tag (X-Robots)
1 Site accessible without Javascript
2 Use of breadcrumbs
2 Subdomains
2 No redirection of deleted URLs or backlinks to homepage
2 Soft 404 error (Google Search Console)
2 Homepage Root Redirect (www / non www)
1 Google Search Console: Manual Actions available?
2 Schema markup problems? (Search Console)
2 General use of schemas: FAQ, stars, product, organization, etc.
2 Images title, alt and caption set?
2 Clean HTML code


We check the E-E-A-T criteria
Your website
Priority What is being scrutinized?
1 Website, authors known as entity?
1 About us page
1 Author’s page (+ link in the article)
1 Guest articles and interviews available?
2 Interviewed other experts?
2 Content checked – statements backed up with sufficient sources?
2 Outbound links (external) – Which link targets are linked? Affiliate only? Does it make sense?

SEO audits since 2014

This is Fabian Auler.
Your SEO.


Is it okay to say that? We’ll just say it! Fabian Auler is one of the most successful best and most well-known onpage SEOs. After completing his studies with a focus on business administration at the University of Konstanz, he immersed himself in the world of search engine optimization. What followed was an unprecedented career. Specialist articles at OMR, OMT, Ryte, Semrush… Speaker at Campixx, the Digital Bash, OMT, Content World…. Author in the Springer Gabler Verlag… AND? Much, much more. So your SEO audit is not done by just anyone! Fabian Auler does your SEO audit. Because quality is important to us.

Step by step to the SEO audit

Same Same But Different

Let’s talk!

Step 1

Speak first. Without any obligation. Guaranteed free of charge. We exchange information about Zoom or and get to know you and your project. You share your goals with us and what expectations you have. If the interview is positive and you would like to work with us together to raise your rankings to the next level, then let’s start with the Start SEO audit.


SEO audit

Step 2

Our comprehensive SEO audit includes a technical analysis [Website structure, indexing, crawlability, structured data, canonical tags…], a performance audit [pagespeed, core web vitals, LCP, CLS, TBT…], a backlink check [Link profile analysis, link detox, identification of broken links…] and a UX check [bounce rate, social proof, process analysis…].


Catalog of measures

Step 3

The results from the SEO audit analysis are evaluated by our experts and expertly interpreted. From this, the calls for action for the multi-page catalog of measures drawn up


Here It Is

Step 4

We will send you the final catalog of measures and take plenty of time for the presentation. So that no questions remain unanswered. However, should there be any further questions at a later time, we will answer them to your complete satisfaction.



Step 5

We are finished. You have no more unanswered questions and we have one in your eyes did an excellent job. If you would like to continue working with us, we can Implement measures from the SEO audit and switch to monthly SEO support.


SEO support

Step 6

What is the worst that can happen? The SEO audit ends up in a drawer or disappears into one of the many folders on your computer. An SEO audit is worth nothing, as long as the optimizations contained therein are not implemented. Companies often have no or only a few resources to adequately process all measures. We can do that for you. Why not continue working together right away? After all, we know us already.


Real customer testimonials

We can tell you a lot.
We prefer to let our customers speak for themselves.

I have been able to rely on impulsQ GmbH for years. At the beginning of our collaboration, In 2017, my website was the weakest in the competitive environment. Today we are the industry leader. Thanks to backlinks from strong websites with high authority, outstanding link building articles and excellent service. Simply top.

Andreas S.
Affiliate project

Kick your career – that’s our slogan. Sounds hip. Sounds modern. That’s what we have with the website, the Online Campus and the video content. After 12 years, it was time to provide a breath of fresh air. We could not have imagined a better and more reliable partner than the impulsQ GmbH. What was achieved here within three months, has far exceeded our expectations. We owe an incredible amount to impulsQ.

Dennis Protz
Managing Director of the afs Academy

It was a hell of a lot of fun. The impulsQ team was available to me around the clock as a sparring partner at your side. The famous extra mile was gone without ifs and buts. Certainly an important guarantee of success.

Marco Möschter
Managing Director Ranksider

Free initial consultation

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SEO audit?

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Any questions about the SEO audit?

No problem – we give
The answers

  • What is an SEO audit anyway?

    An SEO audit is a comprehensive analysis. We take a close look at your website and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your online presence. After the SEO audit you know which adjustments you need to make to increase your visibility and generate more customer inquiries. In return, you will receive a comprehensive Report with concrete data and recommendations for action.

  • When does an SEO audit make sense?

    An SEO audit makes sense for you if you have a website and the feeling creeps up on you, that not enough inquiries or purchases are made through it. You want to know, how you can increase your visibility on Google and win even more customers? Are you already realizing your full potential? Then an SEO audit is exactly the right step for you. Because if you know which data you should pay attention to and where there is a need for optimization, you and your team can initiate the appropriate steps and improve the visibility of your project in the search engine.

  • What does impulsQ GmbH do differently with SEO audits?

    Extensive SEO audits are part of everyday life at ImpulsQ. We have already helped numerous customers with our in-depth analyses to identify weaknesses in their online presence and convert these into strengths.

    Our SEO audit differs significantly from other providers. An SEO audit consists of us from an onpage, backlink, performance, technical and competitor check. So we take a very close look.

    These are the advantages of working with the experts at ImpulsQ GmbH:

    • More than 10 years of experience in search engine optimization
    • Helped over 1,000 companies to achieve success with their online presence
    • Always up to date and well informed about current changes and trends
    • Tailor-made solutions for your digital success
    • We are here for you. Not only before the start of the collaboration, but until the SEO audit is handed over and beyond

    We would be happy to support you on your way to more visibility in the long term.

  • What factors are examined in an SEO audit?

    During an SEO audit, we take a close look at several factors that are important for your online success. are decisive. This allows us to give you a holistic view of the current status of your website and provide you with concrete data.

    These factors are always part of our SEO audits:

    • Keyword research: We identify relevant search terms from your industry that your target group is looking for.
    • Technical factors: We check loading times, page structure, meta tags and much more.
    • Content audit: We check your content for quality, relevance and optimization potential.
    • Backlinks: We make sure that your backlinks are high quality and relevant.

    Once the audit is complete, you will receive a clear and comprehensive report from us with all the data and recommendations for action based on it.

  • How does an SEO audit work?

    The first thing we do is talk to each other. You tell us your goals and expectations and We exchange ideas. We get to know each other. For the in-depth analysis, we start with a comprehensive review of your website. We examine them for technical aspects, keywords, Content quality and on-page factors. Based on this analysis, we can develop a customized Create a strategy for you. We will provide you with all the data in a clear format and concrete instructions that are easy to implement in practice.

  • What happens after the SEO audit?

    After the SEO audit, you will receive a detailed report with all the findings, data and Recommendations for action. On this basis, you can work with us to Implement optimization measures to increase your visibility in the search engine. Alternatively, you can of course also implement the recommendations for action in your company on your own. implement.

  • How much does an SEO audit cost?

    The cost of an SEO audit depends on the scope and complexity of your website.

    Our prices for a comprehensive and professional SEO audit start at the package level “Start” at € 2,790. You can find more information about our prices above on our website.

    We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer after a personal consultation, so that you have all costs transparent at a glance.

  • How long does an SEO audit take?

    The duration of an SEO audit depends on how extensive your website currently is. As a rule, a thorough analysis at ImpulsQ takes around 3 to 4 weeks. We attach great importance to a careful analysis and the development of a customized strategy that will get you ahead in the long term.