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Hi, I’m Martin Brosy. Want to get off to a flying start? SEO? Content experience? Digital PR? Digital transformation? I have been taking care of this for our customers for more than a decade. Topics. As a like-minded person. As a sparring partner. As someone who thinks outside the box. Make your challenge to ours. Together with our motivated team of creative experts, we make we turn the first step into a successful journey. Would you like to get to know me? Know who I am am? Take your time to look around this page. If it’s a match, let’s meet in person speak.

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Lead by example

The beginning of a
impressive biography

Station 1

Officer in the German army. Studied at the Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg. Learn important competencies. Discipline, responsibility, role model …

Station 2

Development of one of the most popular stock market games on the Internet [18 .000 registrierte Spieler/in und über 500.000 Seitenaufrufe/Monat]. Development of the browser game “Daytrader” and founding of the first Trading Academy, TRADEMY for short. All in all – a successful excursion into the world of Stock exchange. From hobby to livelihood.

Station 3

Development of an online marketing agency with a peak of 25 employees, 300 square meters office space and an annual turnover of 2.5 million euros. The shares were sold at 01.01.2018 sold.

Station 4

Creation of the largest database for cinemagraphs.

Station 5

Founder & shareholder of impulsQ GmbH since 2019 with numerous holdings. Martin Brosy performs the function of Managing Partner.

Listeners can’t get enough

Martin’s lectures are unique

Different – Exciting until the last second – Motivating

Thank you for the informative and entertaining presentation.

Borris GmbH

The content of her presentation was very impressive. Her captivating style of presentation fascinated and emotionally moved from beginning to end. The impetus from the entrepreneur’s perspective has a left a lasting impression on me and are extremely valuable to me. The lecture has perspective and gave me new food for thought.

Affiliate project

Many thanks for the entertaining and informative presentation.

Ringier AG

Thank you very much for your nice talk!


Thank you for the great presentation.

Agency Seybold

Lively and with lots of fun
Knowledge imparted

Wordcamp – Campixx – Reutlingen University

Shaping your future together.

A motivating environment. A
appreciative environment. An identity.

  • Reutlingen University

    Martin Brosy teaches “Digital & Sales” at Reutlingen University in the degree program Business informatics.

  • AFS Academy Seal Lecturer

    Lecturer at the Academy for Search Engine Optimization. Here is a small excerpt from his Presentations: “Ecommerce – Trigger the hype”, “Niche sites – your roadmap”, “Easy tricks for a better conversion rate”, “Creative destruction – why latecomers die!”, “Customer Journey”, “Deutschland Digital”.

  • German Institute for Marketing

    Keynote speech “Why we need to lose our fear of digitalization!” for the German Institute for Marketing.

  • Springer Professional

    The book “Content Distribution” has been published by Springer Professional Verlag. The Chapter “Example of a content marketing campaign with successful content Distribution” was contributed by Martin Brosy.

  • OMT

    “Link building – The insincere hype” as cover story in OMT Magazine

  • Campixx

    At Campixx, Martin Brosy gave the following presentations to an enthusiastic audience audience: “Buying backlinks. That’s the truth. Unfortunately”, “Inside Job. The Link building scene under the microscope”, “Link building – yes or no?” and “Link building – I could puke.”

  • Digital Bash

    As a speaker at the Digital Bash EXTREME – Linkbuilding. The topic of the lecture was “Link building articles – AI vs. HI”

  • everGreen

    Very successful video with Alexander Rus on the topic of backlinks

  • XOVI Content Marketing

    Martin Brosy was part of the XOVI content marketing campaign “Super SEO Fit” and has a Lecture with the title “Backlink Strategy” contributed

  • Campixx

    A small selection of presentations for Contentixx participants: “Let the most successful entrepreneurs”, “Designing content correctly and making the user to interact!” and “Content is an asset – when do we understand that? finally?”

  • Seach Effect

    Jonas Tietgen & Jannik Schubert interviewed Martin Brosy in their podcast on the topic Link Building and buying backlinks interviewed

  • innoport

    Lecture as part of the Startnetz workshop: “Google wants to love you – five immediately Actionable tips for better visibility”

  • color tour

    Regular guest of Fabian Auler. We discuss the latest developments together in SEO

  • SEO Portal

    “People from the scene: Martin Brosy” – Interview on

  • LEAP

    “SEO can and should also be creative” – this is the title of the interview between Oliver Engelbrecht and Martin Brosy

  • Pagerangers

    At the Pagerangers SEO Meetup, Martin Brosy gave a presentation entitled “This is how works Link building” held

  • SEO united

    Martin Brosy told SEO United about his strategy for the SEO competition “Seventh birth” revealed. With his approach, he has achieved the following with minimal effort achieved second place

  • everGreen

    Together with Sebastian Prohaska from ithelps Digital, Martin Brosy has shared his knowledge of shared the purchase of backlinks in a video with a length of two hours. The Guide for everyone who wants to buy backlinks

  • ODC

    Backlink lecture + practical tip for the Open Digital City held by Marco Janck

  • Static Podcast

    Martin Brosy shared his experiences on the topic of leadership principles with the audience of Darius Erdt’s podcast “The Leading Point” shared

  • Agency tip

    Martin Brosy shared his experiences on the topic of leadership principles with the audience of Darius Erdt’s podcast “The Leading Point” shared

  • Contra

    Interview for the Contra magazine. Headline: “Don’t hyperventilate – One hundred thousand euros!”

  • Digital entrepreneurship

    Thomas Ottersbach in conversation with Martin Brosy. In essence, the podcast was about the structure and the further development of companies

  • Investor scene

    Martin Brosy was interviewed about a new start-up of his

Martin Brosy Managing Partner

#1 best employer

Happy employees perform outstanding work, create a pleasant atmosphere and give 110% for our customers. Win-win.

High employee satisfaction – Value-based leadership – Maximum customer satisfaction

Bold. Effective. Unique.

We create with passion

Favorite songs

  • “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”
    from Poison
  • “The Free Electric Band”
    from Albert Hammond
  • “White Rabbit”
    from Jefferson Airplane
  • “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”
    from Queen

Favorite movies

  • Schindler’s List
  • American History X
  • The Dark Knight Rises

Favorite series

  • House of Cards
  • Narcos
  • Game of Thrones
  • Black Monday
  • Suits


  • Watch enthusiast
  • Fitness
    [Erfolge – Naja]

Favorite books

  • “In storms of steel”
    by Ernst Jünger
  • “Growth!”
    by Karl-Heinz Paqué
  • “Think Content!”
    by Irene Michl and Miriam Löffler

Martin Brosy in action

Mindfulness is limitless.

Courageous – Creative – Prudent

Digital transformation – Investor – Reach

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