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We are online marketing experts. Not because we like to put ourselves on a pedestal, but because we work on our expertise on a daily basis and have a lot of experience. We don’t like to talk, but get stuck in. Get the most out of your budget with us. Competence is the key!

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European 2023 Search Awards Finalist

European Search Award Finalist 2023

Every year, the best SEO agencies are honored with the European Search Award. Unlike many other awards, this one is not for sale. It is awarded based on the opinion of the many members of the jury and the organizers. Our comprehensive case study was discussed by the members of the European Search Awards, who were convinced. We are proud that the best international SEOs from the jury appreciate our work and recognized it accordingly with the finalist’s badge. This creates trust and shows us that our good work is well received internationally.

afs-Akademie since 2012 - Certified SEO agency

AFS Agency Certificate

A professional way of working. Characterized by efficiency, quality, and competence. These are the success factors of impulsQ GmbH. We submitted several case studies during the audit process and the external consultants from the Academy for Advanced Training in SEO studied them in detail. We proudly carry the afs agency certificate. So you see: We can really do something.

LRT - Certified Professional - Links Research Tools

LRT Professional

In a face-to-face workshop lasting several days, we successfully completed the LRT Certified Professional training. The SEO certificate includes further training in the following areas: Competitor analysis, Google Penalties, link audits and link risk management. In addition to the workshop, a technical paper was written on the basis of the content taught. We passed both with flying colors. We always have the aim of making decisions for our customers based on knowledge and experience, not on dangerous half-understood knowledge or even a gut feeling.

Digital Content Marketing - Academy

Digital Content Marketing Academy

Become a content marketing expert in six intensive weeks. In live coaching sessions and over many hours, we learned how to create efficient, target-group-specific and effective marketing materials for our customers. To summarize: We are getting even better. With success. Our customers are happy with the results. What we also impressively demonstrate in our case studies proves their worth.

Landing page optimization specialist - impulsQ GmbH - Conversion Boosting

Landing page specialist

The Landing Page Optimization Specialist training course consists of 18 lessons, more than 200 lessons, and 18 intermediate examinations. We were able to focus on the topics of: Content, headlines, imagery, forms, design, conversion, lead nurturing, layers, hypothesis generation, and tools. We love well-made landing pages and our customers benefit from our knowledge of this.

Certified - Wortliga - Online copywriter

Word League

Certified online copywriters work in our company. Further training of the Wortliga comprises 30 lessons and a final examination. We can now provide you with even more comprehensible written content and apply the Hamburg comprehensibility model. We are also actively able to write structured and empathetic texts that will capture the attention of your readers and retain them.

RYTE Expert

RYTE Expert

In order to receive the Ryte Expert seal, we underwent one day of training in the area of on-page factors. The training was interspersed with valuable tips and tricks. In addition to the taught content, we were also able to share basic knowledge about on-page factors with the speakers at a site clinic. We also got to know some interesting hacks and insights. Of course, we attend all relevant SEO events throughout the year to demonstrate our expertise in the on-page area, where we want to continue to expand, and not just rest on our laurels.

afs - Graduate of the advanced training course - Search engine optimization

AFS Graduate

The SEO certification program runs for six months. It consists of the following six modules: SEO basics, keyword strategy, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, web analysis & usability and Mobile & Law. Six intermediate examinations and one main examination must be passed. SEO training is particularly important to us because we want to provide our customers with good advice that helps them to push their visibility. Participation in the AFS training program confirms our expertise.

afs - Certified - Managing Consultant - Diamant

AFS training certificate

Without exception, every employee at impulsQ GmbH actively trains with the afs+ streaming service on the topics SEO, content, conversion, content marketing, social media, design, UX, digital, and ads. The monthly watch time of our employees is organized by the Academy for Advanced Training in SEO certified and new interesting videos are uploaded every week. We stay on the ball. Always. For our customers. For ourselves. Because we love what we do.