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1,500 words inclusive
Cover picture inclusive
Picture in text inclusive
Infographic inclusive
Video [1 Minute] inclusive
Content design [bullet points, highlighting important statements, subheadings] inclusive
Project management inclusive
TOTAL 87,00 €
WDF*IDF [Optional] 50,00 €
PUT ONLINE WITH YOU [Optional] 30,00 €

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AI Driven Content

What does a glossary, lexicon cost?
or Wiki article?


What do you think of when you think of AI content? Lots of text. Pair of subheadings. Perhaps still a picture. Our AI texts are far better. With added value. With multimedia content. With content Design. With love. From real AI experts.

AI glossary, lexicon, wiki Agency
[Günstig angesetzt]
1,500 words 75,00 € 15,00 €
Cover picture 10,00 € 5,00 €
Picture in text 5,00 € 2,00 €
Infographic 35,00 € 10,00 €
Video [1 Minute] 50,00 € 20,00 €
Content design [bullet points, highlighting important statements, subheadings] 20,00 € 5,00 €
Project management 20,00 € 30,00 €
TOTAL 215,00 € 87,00 €

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You save real money

You save 12,800 euros with us.
With better quality.

If you order 100 glossary, lexicon or wiki articles!

You actually save a lot more with us. Because you won’t find an agency for 21,500 euros that can offer you writes 100 articles, enriches them with infographics and produces her own videos. No matter how many glossary, encyclopedia or wiki article you choose, the savings potential is enormous.

AI glossary, lexicon, wiki Agency impulsQ
Number of 1,500 word posts 100 100
Total costs 21.500 € 8.700 €
Savings in % 60 %
Savings in € 12.800 €

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Real time saving

We create your glossary,
Lexicon, Wiki faster than you
Massachusetts can say.


In addition to the price, the time component is a major advantage of our AI solution. We can offer you without problems Create 100, 200, 500 or 1,000 articles for your glossary, lexicon or wiki. So you will be within authority in your industry. Google loves that.

AI glossary, lexicon, wiki Agency impulsQ
Number of 1,500 word posts 100 100
Ready in 3 months 14 days

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These are the advantages

Six advantages that contribute to your success

If the price doesn’t convince you yet, the advantages will.

Okay, the advantages are obvious. The price too – let’s talk.

Why AI and not editors

Definitions, explanations … in it is
ChatGPT simply very good

Artificial intelligence is already capable of creating high-quality glossaries, encyclopaedias and wikis. We know how.

Professional writing style

Artificial intelligence is predestined for sober, neutral and professional Information texts. ChatGPT delivers the best results here. Of course only if the Promptly right. We use a self-developed prompt and not a 0815 prompt. The result is indistinguishable from editorially produced texts.

Basic contents

A glossary, lexicon or wiki is used to accompany your main content. There will be no new findings from science are shared, but it is exclusively about this, Provide your customers with explanatory content. AI can now do this better than any cheap ghostwriter.

Optimized structure

No matter which glossary, encyclopedia or wiki you look at, the structure is always the same. AI can take over and adapt this perfectly. We integrate into our prompts a optimized structure according to all rules of content design. Consisting of a Kurz & Knapp box, an introduction, a main part, a conclusion, several key points, some subheadings, highlighted statements and much more. No one has to do more. This is done by artificial intelligence in conjunction with our Prompt Engineers.

Multimedia content

For a long time, AI images were recognizable as such. Our Prompt Engineers have the Problem solved and have images prompted for your glossary, lexicon or wiki, that match both the content and your corporate identity. Thanks to new tools we now also have infographics and videos created with the help of AI. So why make expensive purchases or even do without them when artificial intelligence can take over the tasks.

Unbeatable price

You will receive a ready-made document from us, where you can write the complete article in a reasonable way. prepared for you. Infographic included. Pictures included. Video included. All you have to do is put it online on your website. You paid for it actually almost nothing. Editors, graphic designers, video producers… cost a lot of money. It is artificial intelligence and the smart use of it that makes this kind of Cost reduction possible. Much to your delight. Finally you can enjoy a high quality high-quality and attractive glossary, encyclopedia or wiki at an absolutely competitive price. That’s why KI.

That’s right. Editors don’t do much better. Let’s have a word

Other agencies vs. ImpulsQ

What other agencies can do,
we can too. Only better.

87 Euro incl. Infographic and video

Our AI articles are indistinguishable from conventional articles. No one would guess, that the glossary, lexicon or wiki was created 100% with artificial intelligence.

AI glossary, lexicon, wiki Agency
1,500 words Yes Yes Yes
Text quality 7/10 5/10 7/10
Cover picture Yes Yes Yes
Picture in text Yes Yes Yes
Infographic No No Yes
Video No No Yes
Content design [bullet points, highlighting important statements, subheadings] Yes No
[Nur Zwischenüberschriften]
Overall impression 5/10 3/10 9/10
Scalable No Yes Yes
Price 130,00 € 95,00 € 87,00 €

Convinced. Create my glossary, lexicon or wiki.

Structure of your glossaries, lexicons or wikis

You don’t recognize really good AI articles.
That is our claim.

If the price doesn’t convince you yet, the advantages will.

Text + pictures + video at the price. I want it!

How does a collaboration with impulsQ work?

In seven steps we can
Hundreds of glossaries, encyclopedias or wikis
Create posts

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Kick-off call

Some call it a discovery call. We find Kick-Off-Call suitable. In a short video call You tell us your ideas via Zoom and we will tell you all the organizational details. Details on our 100% glossary, lexicon and wiki creation with the help of artificial intelligence Intelligence. What is interesting is your target group, your USPs, how many terms we use with AI should write, tone of voice, language and your goals. We discuss everything free of charge and without obligation in a 30-minute kick-off call. It’s worth it and the results are Convince yourself.



If we were able to convince you in the kick-off call, we will email you your individual offer to. Our price-performance ratio is unbeatable. You save money with better quality compared to editors and agencies several thousand euros. You can use your marketing budget more effectively do not use.


Theme ideas

Here we go. We will provide you with a contact person. Your personal project manager. Together with the team, we will compile a list of interesting terms for your glossary, lexicon or wiki. Of course you can also send us a list of terms.


First draft

Based on our conversation, our experience and our workflow, an initial prompt is created. created. We work exclusively with real AI experts. This is the only way we can guarantee the exceptional quality of our products. You will receive a Word file from us or a link to a Google Docs document, and you can add the first glossary, encyclopedia or Review wiki article.



Based on your feedback, our AI experts adjust the prompts created and the remaining ordered articles are created for you.



Done. We will send you all glossary, lexicon or wiki entries and now all you have to do is everything can be put online. Optionally, we can do this for you.

Sounds well thought out. I am interested!

Example glossary, encyclopedia, wiki articles

This is how your
AI articles look like. Nice, isn’t it?


You can find a glossary article on the topic of “Artificial intelligence” here. This is exactly how your Look article. Have we promised you too much? No, right?

Artificial intelligence in a nutshell

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that aims to machines to behave intelligently.
  • AI in online marketing is being used to optimize human abilities such as seeing, hearing, analyzing, deciding and acting.
  • It plays a decisive role in the personalization of customer experiences, the optimization of advertising campaigns and data analysis.
  • Automation and machine learning can make marketing processes more efficient. and more effective.
  • AI technologies are constantly evolving and are increasingly being used in various industries, including marketing.

The world of online marketing is dynamic and constantly changing. With the introduction of the artificial intelligence (AI) in this area has increased the opportunities for companies to reach their target groups. to reach and engage, has expanded exponentially. AI is not just a trend, but a fundamental Technology that revolutionizes marketing and opens up new ways of interacting with customers.

Introduction: What is artificial intelligence?

Important: Artificial intelligence is
a branch of computer science that aims to achieve this,
machines with capabilities that were previously
were considered exclusively human: Perception,
Learning, decision-making and
Problem solution.

AI systems are able to analyze large volumes of data, identify patterns and, based on this basis for making decisions or predictions. Essentially, it’s about teaching machines, to simulate human-like intelligence and continuously learn from experience.

AI in online marketing

AI is used in online marketing to automate a wide range of tasks and to to optimize. These include:


AI technologies make it possible to create personalized content and recommendations, based on the individual preferences and behavior of the user.

Customer interaction

Chatbots and virtual assistants based on AI can handle customer inquiries in in real time and offer a personalized customer experience.

Data analysis

AI can analyze large amounts of data to gain insights into customer behavior and adapt marketing strategies accordingly.

Programmatic advertising

AI is used to buy and sell advertising inventory in real time, which increases the efficiency of advertising campaigns.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

AI tools can help to refine SEO strategies by identifying search trends and optimize content for better visibility.

Application examples of AI in online marketing

Predictive analytics

AI systems can predict future trends and customer behavior by analyze historical data and current market information.

Content Creation

AI-supported tools can help to generate content or to to increase visibility and engagement.

Customer segmentation

Machine learning can be used to divide customers into different segments, to develop targeted marketing campaigns.


Challenges and ethical considerations

Despite the many advantages, the use of AI in marketing also brings challenges. Data protection concerns, the need for transparent algorithms and the avoidance of bias are are just some of the ethical issues that need to be considered.



AI is fundamentally changing online marketing and offers companies new opportunities to engage their customers. and retain them. However, the technology is not a panacea and should be used carefully and be used in an ethically responsible manner.


Frequently asked questions about the
Anchor text

  • What is artificial intelligence?

    Anchor text is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink, which links to another website.

  • Why is anchor text important for SEO?

    Search engines use anchor text to understand the content of the target page and influence the ranking.

  • How should I select anchor text?

    Choose texts that precisely describe the content of the target page and avoid excessive repetition of the same text.

  • Can too much optimization do harm?

    Yes, over-optimized anchor texts can be classified as manipulative by search engines.

  • How can I diversify my anchor text?

    Use a mixture of exact matches, Brand names, generic terms and naked links.


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The most important questions about our service

If you still have questions, use the
Form below. We are delighted.

  • In which languages can you create the glossary, lexicon and wiki articles?

    English, German, Russian, Spanish, Turkish… We can provide the articles in in any language.

  • Do you put the articles online?

    No. However, we can offer you this service for an additional charge.

  • When will I get my first rankings?

    We cannot give you a really serious answer to this question. That depends on too many factors. Does your site represent an authority within of the industry? How well is your site SEO optimized? Which CMS do you use? What we can tell you is that the first rankings should be available after three months.

  • How many glossary, encyclopedia or wiki articles should I book with you?

    There is no minimum order quantity. So that you can work with your glossary, lexicon or Wiki, however, we recommend at least 50 to 100 articles at to book us. For one customer, we have already created a glossary with more than 600 entries created.

  • How long does it take to create an article?

    We can create an article for you within 24 hours. If you book 100 articles, then we need a maximum of 14 days for this. Which is damn quick considering the quantity.

  • I don’t have a glossary section on my website yet. Can you recommend something?

    Naturally. We will be happy to recommend a suitable plug-in.

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