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THE social media agency in Berlin, Hamburg, Hattingen & Reutlingen. You are looking for a competent social media agency that simply does the work for you, does you well and and always keeps an eye on your key figures? Then you’ve come to the right place!

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Our social media packages

Effective for more reach


from € 2,790

Ideal for small projects

  • 1 posting per week
  • Support: 1 social media channel
  • Editorial plan
  • Setup and optimization of the business account
  • Content Creation
  • Sharing posts about the story
  • Hashtag analysis
  • Replies to comments and messages
  • Monthly reporting on the successes of the last month
  • Minimum term: 4 months

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from € 4,790

Ideal for medium-sized projects

  • 2 postings per week
  • Support: 2 social media channels
  • Editorial plan
  • Setup and optimization of the business account
  • Content Creation
  • Sharing posts about the story
  • Hashtag analysis
  • Replies to comments and messages
  • Monthly reporting on the successes of the last month
  • Minimum term: 4 months

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on request

Ideal for large projects

  • 3+ postings per week
  • Support: 3+ social media channels
  • Editorial plan
  • Setup and optimization of the business account
  • Content Creation
  • Sharing posts about the story
  • Hashtag analysis
  • Replies to comments and messages
  • Monthly reporting on the successes of the last month
  • Minimum term: 4 months

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We create a unique digital experience for your brand. Social media for people. Social media with emotions. Social media with passion and creativity.

Social media expert Kim Adamek & team look after your social media accounts

Kim Adamek
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Social media marketing is so much more,
than collecting likes

Are you looking for a social media agency in your area to promote your company or service on social media? professionally and convincingly positioned and supported on all relevant social media platforms? Then you are with us just right! We support and advise you with years of experience and a great deal of passion. You get all our knowledge and experience. Together we conceptualize your activities on social media and put them into practice. Let us enrich and inspire your target group! Why us? Because we really do the job for you! We research potential content and take on the entire creative part. All you have to do is give feedback.

Don’t you think so? Feel free to ask our customers.

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These are your advantages when you work with us

Why we want to support your social media marketing
agency should be?

  • We do the research for you. All you have to do is send us what you already have. We do the rest.
  • Fixed and accessible contacts from our social media consultant team.
  • Over 15 years of experience in the team – we have been doing social media marketing since the very beginning.
  • Impulses from a team of 13+ people between the ages of 19 and 54 – We can assess many target groups!
  • Fixed processes for predictable success on relevant social media channels.
  • Authentic and direct communication with your target group.
  • Increase awareness of your brand(s). Branding and image enhancement.
  • Reaching the target group where they are.
  • Wide reach for targeted advertising.
  • Suitable concepts for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube and co.
  • Fun, passion and the determination for more success.

Range? Brand awareness? Direct communication?

We are your social media marketing partner

Is it about range? Brand awareness or direct communication with your own customers? Social media marketing makes it possible. Where your target group is located. This can be Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube or even Xing. Or on a completely different social media channel. Our social media consultants will find the place, where these people are and help to reach them. The social media experts of impulsQ are also happy to provide you with advice and assistance and support you with heart and soul, brains and a lot of know-how in your Implement social media marketing strategy and achieve goals.

No matter what it is specifically about, we always have a specific goal in mind: We want to make success measurable. Our team consists of 13+ Online Marketing Enthusiasts. Each of them has a specific focus in the areas of social media and content creation, Lead generation, SEO, seeding, conversion optimization, web design and editing.

Our customers include companies from a wide range of industries – from B2B to B2C, from Technology to e-commerce, from SMEs to enterprises.

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Frequently asked questions about social media marketing

Your questions.
Our concrete answers.

  • What are the advantages of social media marketing by impulsQ GmbH for companies in Berlin? Hamburg, Hattingen, Reutlingen and the surrounding area?

    The world is changing – and not just in Lord of the Rings. It is becoming increasingly digital, faster and more unreflective. Nevertheless, in order to reach the right people at the right time a presence on social networks has become indispensable. The social media experts at impulsQ will be happy to help you, master the challenges of social media and take over your digital space.

    Starting with the right and appealing social media strategy, through targeting suitable targets, such as leads, sales through to achieving local visibility in Bielefeld or another city – we can help.

    Outsourcing social media marketing to a social media agency is a good option for you and your team to use the time gained for your core business. You benefit from our many years of experience in social media marketing.

  • What mistakes should be avoided in social media marketing?

    Social media is about relationships and connections. We do not achieve these connections, by using social media channels as additional advertising channels. The point is, enter into a dialog with the target group and use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and co. as a feedback channel.

    It is also not about creating a make-believe world, for example to attract new customers via social media. employees. One day they are there and realize that everything is just a lie. is deception. It is better to always appear authentic and honest and to give people real to provide insights behind the scenes.

    Another mistake in social media marketing is the impulsive publication of content. This has the disadvantage that companies can neither define targets nor ever measure success via Celebrating social media. That’s why an extensive social media strategy is the cornerstone successful social media campaigns.

    The impulsQ social media team will help you,
    …to define the right goals,
    …to skillfully translate the strategy into social media measures and
    …to convert the target group and followers on social media channels into an active community.

    So that in the end they become real customers and fans.

  • How does ImpulsQ measure the success of the individual social media marketing campaigns?

    Every social media channel – when used professionally – has opportunities and insights, which are played out in real numbers. From the number of fans and followers, to likes of the individual posts through to the breakdown of impressions and reach.

    With social ads, there is also the option of using important key figures such as CTR or measure the number of landing page views. With the help of our analysis tools, we measure all activities and make them available in the form of comprehensive monthly reports. We take great care to ensure that our customers read and understand these reports and only transmit the KPIs (key performance indicators) that are relevant to them in the individual case. are relevant.

    All of these findings are then translated into new editorial plans, ideas, measures and campaigns. In this way, we continuously learn to better understand the target group and to reach.

  • What goals can I achieve with social media marketing?

    With the help of an original and ingenious social media strategy, the following Achieve corporate and marketing goals:

    • Supporting the sales department by clarifying frequently asked questions
    • Expansion of the level of awareness
    • Educating the target group, especially for products that require explanation
    • Receive direct feedback from the target group (e.g. helpful for (further) development) of products and services)
    • New customer acquisition
    • Increase in sales
    • Increase in reach
    • Recruitment of new employees
    • Improvement of the corporate image
  • Who is social media marketing suitable for and why do you need an agency?

    Regardless of which industry you work in – through targeted social media marketing you have the opportunity to increase awareness of your brands, products or services. influence brand awareness and gain organic reach. Storytelling and added value make it possible to inspire people and connect with target groups. to enter. This ultimately boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty enormously (B2B and B2C). To define and achieve your individual marketing goals we are happy to support you as an experienced social media agency. We are experts in our field and create strategies and concepts for your Presence and campaigns – of course 100% tailored to your product and your Target group. Because this is the only way social media marketing can work!

  • How long does it take to achieve success with social media?

    Social media marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. If you decide to use Social media marketing is a decision for good.

    As a social media agency, we help you to develop a suitable strategy and relevant KPIs. define, take the right steps, constantly optimize your channels and create a build a professional brand identity in social media. Paired with paid advertising (Facebook and Instagram Ads) and caring community management, that you are remembered positively by your followers. In the long term, this allows both increase the willingness to buy as well as brand loyalty.

  • Which social media channels are suitable for me?

    Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter or Tiktok after all? Depending on which services or products your company sells and what goals you want to achieve with your business. social media marketing, some platforms are better suited than others. As a social media agency, we can draw on a wealth of experience and help you to help you find the right social networks. Take a look at our blog! Here we have put together some initial tips on how to find the right social media channels.

  • Which KPIs are particularly important in social media marketing?
    In order to measure the effectiveness of the measures taken, we determine the key performance indicators in advance. Performance Indicators (KPI) that are particularly important for your company. These are and regularly reports back to you. We regularly optimize the content played out to achieve the common goals. In social media marketing, KPIs such as the engagement rate, the number and growth of followers and fans, the reach and the conversion rate are important. We will be happy to explain what is behind the terms and why they are so important for your success are.
  • What services does impulsQ offer as a social media agency?

    From the first social media consultation and support, strategy and target group definition, to setting up business accounts and social media tools, right through to the creation of editorial plans, graphics and appealing texts, we as an agency take care of all the work, that arise from your social media presence.

    Community management, i.e. maintaining relationships with fans and followers, as well as the expansion of the reach and the reporting of the measures, we are of course happy to take over!

  • How often do you as an agency take care of my presences?

    How often and on which days we post, whether we run additional campaigns such as stories, Reels, videos for Instagram TV (IG-TV), surveys, influencer campaigns, competitions or Facebook groups for you, you decide. We are happy to advise you as part of our Collaboration on new concepts, services and ideas that have a chance, to go viral.

  • Do I have a say as a customer?

    Of course! We want to work not only for you, but above all with you. It doesn’t matter whether you already have knowledge of social media and online marketing or have not yet had any contact with the topic. With your input and your material we work out the strategies and postings – you always have the opportunity to contribute your ideas and to incorporate your feedback. A publication of the posts takes place only takes place after your approval. By the way: We love good customer feedback! An overview about our satisfied customers on the page with our references.

  • What is the workflow like when I hire you for my social media marketing?

    After an initial free consultation, we hold our kick-off workshop. This is necessary so that we all have the same goals and know whether we are a good match.

    If everything fits, you will be assigned a permanent contact person from our dedicated team is assigned and we move on to implementation.

    As soon as you have sent us all the important documents and the briefing, We analyze the potential, networks and competitors, develop a strategy if necessary and write an editorial plan (for two weeks or a month, as required). You will of course be informed in advance about the remuneration for our services. So you always have full cost control. As soon as you have the concept and the editorial plan have been approved and released, we create the postings.

  • And here comes the highlight! We develop the content for you. You don’t have to do anything else, than to give us feedback!

    We then post the created content via our social media planning tool and take care of incoming comments and messages.

    You will then receive a regular evaluation of the results of our Social media measures presented. Based on this, we can optimize campaigns and work in an even more target group-oriented way.

    If you have any questions or requests, you can contact us at any time.

  • Do I really have to place advertisements?

    You don’t have to, but we recommend it. Experience shows that it is extremely difficult achieve the necessary reach without investing money in advertisements.

    Unfortunately, we live in an information overload and everyone is trying to get as much publicity as possible. as possible. This is why the algorithms limit the ranges. Only when you invest in social ads do you get enough of it back.

    Ultimately, however, this also depends on your goals. If you want to win customers, you need probably Ads. If you only want to be on social media, you don’t need ads.

  • Can’t I just do my own social media marketing?
    Of course. You can certainly do that. The only question is whether you will still have time for something else. Because you have to be able to text. You need a strategy. Graphic design also helps to create appealing images and graphics. You need to be able to react to trends and, at best, also Master video editing.
  • What does social media marketing cost at impulsQ?

    In all the years we have been doing social media marketing for companies, three packages have emerged that are booked again and again. Above you will find our three packages. Anything that deviates from this is of course also possible. That’s what we do but then we will be happy to make you an individual offer.

  • Why does this service cost significantly less at other agencies? Some offer the starter package for €499 per month.

    Most agencies do not work as holistically and with the service concept as we do. Our aim is to relieve you of as much of the work as possible. Agencies that usually recycle content from other customer projects, or are focused on just one niche and play out the same thing everywhere. Or they just take over the publishing of articles. The contents for this you must still have to work completely on their own. It’s different for us. We take over the complete Process from the idea to implementation. All you have to do is give feedback or approval. We do the rest.

  • Does that sound exciting?

    Let’s just talk to each other. Without any obligation. Just choose a suitable date and we’ll talk about what you want.

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