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You have with your gambling site
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Do you have a problem? You have …

  • … No visibility!
    Casino without SEO does not work online. If you don’t make it into the top 3 for the relevant keywords of the search results, you will receive few to no leads via the SEO channel. High visibility/visibility on Google or Bing is a basic prerequisite for sustainable growth.
  • … high competitive pressure!
    Where there is a lot to earn, there will always be many competitors. The battle for the top places in The search engine revolution has long since begun. Everyone wants to search for queries such as “online casino” or “Casino Bonus” at the top of the list. You have to take the reins yourself in the form of Casino SEO. Take a hand to avoid being left behind by your competitors.
  • … no trust!
    Google views websites from the casino sector very skeptically. They are considered dubious and are particularly scrutinized in terms of their information content and quality. The E-E-A-T criteria are decisive. Does your iGaming site provide factually correct content? Do the authors of your website represent an authority or are they experts in the subject?
  • … Affiliates that overcharge you!
    Do you own a casino? Do you run a casino affiliate site? I’m sure you’ve noticed, that other casino comparison sites rank above your project for important keywords. They understand the casino SEO game and are constantly optimizing their projects. Unofficially there is talk of far more than 200 ranking factors. There are therefore over 200 adjusting screws, that determine success or failure in gambling SEO.
  • … hardly any backlinks!
    Is your link profile dusty? No site wants to voluntarily link to your gambling site? All casino sites have this problem. Reputable sites with a lot of trust are not listed on Link casino projects. This has a negative effect on your rankings, because backlinks are among the most important ranking factors.
  • … to fight with the regulations in gambling!
    Advertising for casinos is prohibited depending on the target market. Whether you want to book a TV commercial or want to reach your target group in social media via ads. The gambling laws make you can quickly throw a spanner in the works here. Traffic via ads usually only remains for the big casinos with a domestic license.
  • … No range!
    Gambling and organic traffic are a difficult match. The requirements of Google in this area. Building relevant and strong backlinks, the on-page optimization of your Websites and the creation of content with added value are essential for more reach.

We have the solution. We offer you …

  • … better rankings
    Without a coherent concept, your gambling SEO will not be crowned with success. We develop the goals together. Perform an SEO audit for your casino site. Develop from this a strategy and derive a catalog of measures. Step by step, our Onpage Casino SEO experts implement the measures. This includes the following optimizations: Images, Broken Links, Canonicals, crawlability, duplicate content, internal linking, keywords, loading times, link building, Meta-Description & Meta-Title, Open Graph, Robots.txt, Sitemap, Headings, Redirects and much more. Your competition is always in view. Which after the casino SEO optimization places while you climb the ranking ladder in the search results pages rung by rung. will climb to the top.
  • … more leads
    Better rankings result in more traffic and inevitably an increasing number of leads. At this point, you probably realize how important gambling SEO is for your casino site. For website visitors to actually become warm leads, the user experience must be positive. That’s why we provide you with UX experts and conversion optimizers. Even small tricks can increase the conversion rate and thus the number of leads.
  • … more paying customers
    Casino SEO must pay off for you. After all, our work also has to be financed and profitable for you. With the previous measures, you will already see growth in the Make deposits. On request, our conversion optimization experts can take a look at the process until the deposit is made and suggest improvements. So you get from the first click in the search results until you make a deposit. Our team is available from start to End at your side.
  • … more Traffic
    On-page gambling SEO optimization forms the foundation and is only the beginning of your personal success story. Your visitor numbers will increase noticeably thanks to the rising rankings. Now is the time to publish new content and optimize existing contributions. We employ more than 50 editors. Everyone is familiar with the casino theme. All have their Proven ability 100 times. We create an editorial plan and fill your site with content as and when it is needed. with content relevant to your target group. Content that really deserves the word “added value”. We work in teams to achieve this. Consisting of copywriters, designers, onpage SEO experts and UX experts together. We have a claim. The content pieces created should not be lost after a short time. become irrelevant, but instead become an asset/evergreen content/traffic magnet for your casino site.

Growth-type pricing model

Search engine optimization
for more iGaming leads


from € 1,440

Ideal for small projects

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Casino SEO Audit [Onpage]
  • Catalog of measures + strategy
  • Technical implementation
  • Content creation + optimization
  • Linkaudit + Strategy
  • Conversion optimization
  • Monthly reporting [1 Stunde]
  • 12 hours/month

Let’s talk


from € 3,630

Ideal for medium-sized projects

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Casino SEO Audit [Onpage]
  • Catalog of measures + strategy
  • Technical implementation
  • Content creation + optimization
  • Linkaudit + Strategy
  • Conversion optimization
  • Monthly reporting [2 Stunden]
  • 33 hours/month

Let’s talk


from € 7,400

Ideal for large projects

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Casino SEO Audit [Onpage]
  • Catalog of measures + strategy
  • Technical implementation
  • Content creation + optimization
  • Linkaudit + Strategy
  • Conversion optimization
  • Monthly reporting [3 Stunden]
  • 74 hours/month

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Still not convinced?

Case studies of selected customers

Would you like more information about the case study? Click on a customer.


Customer Traffic in % Traffic Built up backlinks Customer since
Affiliate project +307% 122K to 497K 672 2017


Customer Backlinks in % Built up backlinks Social media mentions Achieved in
blank AFS+ +165% 131 to 310 +2.750% 4 weeks

Content marketing campaign

Customer Built up backlinks Registrations Turnover in € Achieved in
blank Ranksider 20 + 134 31.000 € 2 weeks

Optimization of a landing page

Customer Traffic in % Increase in the keyword ranking Investment Achieved in
Customer from gastronomy +40 % +37 % 2.000 € 1 week

Social Media

Customer Website traffic in % Follower Turnover in € Customer for
Kit house +1.814% + 106% from € 5.9 million to € 6.1 million 1.5 years

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The 9 phases of our casino SEO service

We have already done this 100+ times
made successful

Introductory meeting

Phase 1

You tell us about your challenges and goals in a video call. You get to know us and we Get to know you and your project. We transparently discuss the cost structure for the next steps and check the expectations. If it matches – which has always been the case to date – we will make you a non-binding offer.


Casino SEO audit

Phase 2

Our onpage experts analyze your project and the projects of your competitors. Where is there a need for optimization [images, content, keywords, metas, mobile, performance, structured data, links, website architecture and much more]? What are the Low Hanging Fruits? What does the competition do better? The SEO audit will then be discussed with you.


Catalog of measures & strategy

Phase 3

We derive a catalog of measures from the in-depth & data-oriented casino SEO audit with recommendations for action. Facts instead of gut feeling. Guaranteed success instead of hope. With your blessing, our onpage SEOs will begin the next phase of implementation technical optimization.


Technical optimization

Phase 4

The components of the catalog of measures are prioritized so that you can the first positive improvements in the visibility of your project as quickly as possible. But not only that, the user experience and the clicks from the search results on your iGaming site will improve. As soon as the basics are done, our In the next step, editors have the option of creating and optimizing the content.


Create & optimize content

Phase 5

Your content should inspire your readers, inform them, encourage them to take action and rank on Google. Real added value for really strong rankings. We not only rely on on the written word. Our designers create infographics. The editors research matching pictures and YouTube videos. The onpage experts pay attention to the keyword focus and optimize every piece of content to perfection. With our content creations you close not only close the gap to your competitors, but overtake them.


Link audit & link building plan

Phase 6

During the introductory meeting, we will discuss your budget for backlinks and whether you have want a link audit. The phase is optional. In the link audit, our link building Experts forensically analyze your link profile – which links are risky and should be devalued. The backlinks of your competitors are also scrutinized – which links must be we build to catch up with your competitors in the rankings. The following still applies Backlinks are among the most important Google ranking factors. In addition, we set the Anchor distribution, the link attribute ratio, deep link ratio and much more. fixed. Depending on We create a three-month link building plan for your backlink budget. Everything takes place in close Coordination with you and your company.



Phase 7

The intensity of competition in the casino industry is very high. Nowhere else is the fight for fought for the top places. There will probably be no website from the gambling sector, that does not proactively build backlinks. Don’t leave the top positions to your competitors, but build strong backlinks [traffic, authority, trust] with our help. We have access to a portfolio of over 250,000 websites from more than 100 countries. No other agency offers you that. Guaranteed!


Conversion optimization

Phase 8

Optimizing your conversions is an important lever. Whether on a landing page of performed an action [account opening, newsletter subscription…] in your iGaming project or a reader of a blog article should be encouraged to click [form, casino comparison…], Thanks to the analysis tools and smart measures we use, the conversion rate will increase. From simple tricks to more complex A/B tests, we can offer you the entire range of A/B tests here. offer the full range of conversion optimization and round off your casino SEO.



Phase 9

The report is individually tailored to you. The goals we have formulated are set out in KPIs and sent to you in regular reports. For example, we use Google Looker Studio for visualizing the data. You can access it around the clock. We discuss the results via video call and adjust our casino SEO strategy if necessary. We recommend SEO A/B testing for larger projects with sufficient traffic. This enables us to test different approaches against each other and, for example, opt for the better meta title.


With us, your SEO success does not depend on luck or chance!

Luck is all that counts in the casino. With casino SEO, however, we do not rely on Luck still depends on chance. We want to bring your iGaming project to the top of the search results.

Despite state and European controls. There is no doubt that we are exactly the right partner for you and Your challenges. It’s not for nothing that the world’s biggest casinos trust us.

Gesina Kunkel
Managing Director

Real customer testimonials

We can tell you a lot.
We prefer to let our customers speak for themselves.

I have been able to rely on impulsQ GmbH for years. At the beginning of our collaboration, In 2017, my website was the weakest in the competitive environment. Today we are the industry leader. Thanks to backlinks from strong websites with high authority, outstanding link building articles and excellent service. Simply top.

Andreas S.
Affiliate project

Kick your career – that’s our slogan. Sounds hip. Sounds modern. That’s what we have with the website, the Online Campus and the video content. After 12 years, it was time to provide a breath of fresh air. We could not have imagined a better and more reliable partner than the impulsQ GmbH. What was achieved here within three months, has far exceeded our expectations. We owe an incredible amount to impulsQ.

Dennis Protz
Managing Director of the afs Academy

It was a hell of a lot of fun. The impulsQ team was available to me around the clock as a sparring partner at your side. The famous extra mile was gone without ifs and buts. Certainly an important guarantee of success.

Marco Möschter
Managing Director Ranksider

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