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We are proud to support the founders
we work with from day zero.

We develop founding teams – without dictates and always at eye level.
And without interfering with independence.


Shared resources

Together we achieve better results. As part of our family, you have access to the entire Expertise of impulsQ GmbH. Our team consists of experienced online marketers and programmers, Editors, sales people, web designers and strategists. Growing is fun – together it is many times more beautiful.


Founder focused

We are looking for doers. People with a vision. Founders who are courageous. We support and develop yourself as a managing director. You have access to a pool of experts. To help you. Who explain and teach you things in the form of an open transfer of knowledge. We do not primarily invest in companies. We invest in you. Because we think of you believe in and have a genuine interest in your business.


Serial entrepreneurs

We open up new possibilities for you. You get access to our business network. Can you with our start-ups and will be integrated into our value chain. Increase in sales pre-programmed. After all, right from the start you have access to a wide range of Existing customers of impulsQ GmbH. You learn from us. We share everything with you. Experience, that only successful founders can give you.

A thousand requirements. A claim.

We are proud of your life’s work and can offer you the following within our canon of values help. Personal. Consistent. Fair.

A thousand requirements. One claim: As the company grows in size, the need for skills increases with regard to operating levers. Sales, process organization, marketing and leadership skills are more important. It is not uncommon for founders to be overwhelmed by the new reality and the achievement of the next Growth stage does not succeed. We recognize your potential!

Martin Brosy
Managing Partner impulsQ GmbH

We hope not! We don’t chat!

We are working on your success!
We show you how!

Sales development of impulsQ GmbH [Ohne Umsatz der Tochtergesellschafen]

Our brands. Our company. Your family.

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AFS - Academy for Advanced Training in Search Engine Optimization GmbH

The Akademie für Suchmaschinenoptimierung GmbH offers certified SEO training courses.

  • Structured and digital training to become an SEO manager
  • 100+ video content from Germany’s best-known online marketers
  • Certification established across all industries
Wortrakete GmbH

The Hamburg-based text agency Wortrakete creates content that achieves measurable results.

  • 50+ editors
  • First-class content for your project
  • More traffic. More lead. More sales.
Ranksider by Clickhero GmbH & impulsQ GmbH

Ranksider is the world’s largest link marketplace.

  • Editorial articles immediately bookable on 250,000+ online newspapers, specialist portals…
  • Scalable digital PR thanks to publication guarantee
  • Better rankings through the proactive building of backlinks
AFS+ - Academy for advanced training in search engine optimization GmbH

The world’s first streaming service for online marketing.

  • 160+ lectures by scene leaders
  • Ideal for employee training including certificate
  • Building online marketing expertise in-house
Link analysis by impulsQ GmbH

Saas tool for evaluating content marketing campaigns, press relations and digital PR.

  • Unique AI algorithm for the qualitative evaluation of backlinks
  • Monetary valuation of outreach results
  • Eliminating the PR black box

Looking for a place?

impulsQ GmbH owns building units for private and commercial purposes in the city of Reutlingen.

  • Enough space for your start-up and your dreams
  • Versatile company

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