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Sales Manager


Create offers. Visit trade fairs. Process inbound leads. Conduct contract negotiations. Accompany Zoom calls. Variety guaranteed. As a Sales Manager, you convince potential customers of our services. Easy. After all, you will be working for one of the best online marketing agencies with 110% customer focus and an excellent reputation.

  • Immediately
  • Full-time or part-time
  • Berlin, Reutlingen
  • You enjoy all the benefits listed on the website

Client Advisor


We serve well over 300 customers from all over the world. For maximum service, we are looking for a communicative and client-centered Client Advisor. So if you enjoy working with relaxed and incredibly cool customers then you should join us as a Client Advisor. You’ll love the job.

  • Immediately
  • Full-time or part-time
  • Reutlingen, Berlin, Eberswalde or home office
  • You enjoy all the benefits listed on the website

Outreach Manager


Our products for generating reach via DigitalPR and link building are particularly popular with our customers. No wonder, because with our network of over 250,000 bloggers, journalists, and partners, media mentions for our customers are guaranteed. Your task is to establish new contacts with high-reach media, maintain existing contacts, and further expand cooperation with our network. As Outreach Manager, you can demonstrate your strong communication skills, your knowledge of English, and fully utilize your powers of persuasion. A very varied profession with successes on the assembly line.

  • Immediately
  • Full-time or part-time
  • Reutlingen, Berlin, Eberswalde or home office
  • You enjoy all the benefits listed on the website

Communication Manager


Our customers love our digital PR products. We receive orders for this every day. For you, this means that you have to get in touch with the media and coordinate everything through to publication. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? It gets even better. We have access to 250,000 webmasters and journalists. This means you won’t have to make any new contacts. You can choose directly from our pool. The job is extremely varied and you can celebrate successes every day. Shall we talk about it? We look forward to seeing you.

  • Immediately
  • Full-time or part-time
  • Reutlingen, Berlin, Eberswalde or home office
  • You enjoy all the benefits listed on the website

Online Marketer


impulsQ GmbH is on course for growth. We are always interested in developing and expanding certain areas of online marketing. So if you’re in charge of setting up an SEA, social media or on-page departments, then you have the chance to do so with us. With maximum scope for decision-making and full support from the entire team.

  • Immediately
  • Full-time or part-time
  • Reutlingen or Berlin
  • You enjoy all the benefits listed on the website



As an Accountant, you will work with our CFO Natalie Brosy. Scanning. Copy. Create invoices. Send reminders for outstanding invoices. Together with our tax advisors, you will ensure that the rest of the teams do not lose sight of our finances and that we remain on course for growth. An exciting range of tasks and lovely colleagues await you. It never gets boring. We promise.

  • Immediately
  • Full-time or part-time
  • Reutlingen or a few days in the home office
  • You enjoy all the benefits listed on the website

Working student


Would you like to immerse yourself in the world of practical online marketing? Work with WordPress? Create briefings? Gain basic SEO skills? Work on PR campaigns? Implement marketing measures? Create concepts? Get to know SEO tools? Welcome to the impulsQ GmbH. We have exactly the working student job you are looking for.

  • Immediately
  • Part-time
  • Reutlingen or Berlin
  • You enjoy all the benefits listed on the website



Fancy an internship? Want to get a taste of online marketing? Start a paid internship at impulsQ GmbH. You will receive certified training as an SEO Manager at afs and take on supporting activities with us. You will work on PR campaigns, develop workflows, carry out research, and become an important part of our team. So that we can achieve our ambitious growth targets together.

  • Immediately
  • Part-time
  • Reutlingen or Berlin
  • You enjoy all the benefits listed on the website

Our benefits
for you.

New work

Where would you like to work?

  • Offices in Berlin, Reutlingen, Eberswalde
  • Home office

What does your life revolve around? Your private life.

  • 35 hours per week / 28 days vacation
  • Vacation and Christmas bonus

Professional training

  • Training at the Academy for Search Engine Optimization
  • International trade fairs and conferences

Free choice. State-of-the-art equipment.

  • Apple
  • Windows

Crack the current high score!

  • Pacman
  • Streetfighter

Your absolute favorite console?

  • PS5
  • Nintendo Switch

Do you want to concentrate?

  • Apple AirPods Pro
  • MuteBox

Of course, success also pays off!

  • Monthly bonus payments
  • Further incentives

Not in the mood for back pain?

  • Height-adjustable tables + monitors
  • Free fitness membership

Are you bringing anything? Apply for a job with us!

Three properties for the
perfect job

You’re really up for it.

To great colleagues. To an appreciative and relaxed working atmosphere. To self-realization. Here’s to exciting tasks. To success. We are looking for you. Ambitious, High self-motivation, hands-on mentality and strong implementation skills.


You are structured.

You don’t necessarily have to be an organizational TALENT, but organizational skills are important. Independent structuring of work processes is an advantage. This includes prioritizing tasks, a responsible & independent way of working, solution-oriented thinking, and a lot of initiative.

You like to communicate.

A large part of your work consists of communication via email, messenger, telephone, and Zoom. Whether with customers, partners or other team members, your communication skills should be excellent. Very good knowledge of English would be an advantage.


Transparency is important

Be promoted in a comprehensible way

You are likable. Super. However, in order to be able to work for us and our customers, we need a little more. Soft skills. You and your team lead will evaluate you on the basis of over 20 criteria. That way you know where you stand. Which skills you are still lacking or where you actually already have one and should have made a career leap. Bye, bye arbitrariness. Welcome to impulsQ.

Level 1 Trainee

  • Specialist knowledge: 0/5
  • Leadership competence: 0/5
  • Work independently: 0/5
  • Communication: 1/5

Level 2 Junior

  • Specialist knowledge: 1/5
  • Leadership competence: 1/5
  • Work independently: 2/5
  • Communication: 2/5

Level 3 Manager

  • Specialist knowledge: 3/5
  • Leadership competence: 2/5
  • Work independently: 4/5
  • Communication: 3/5

Level 4 Senior

  • Specialist knowledge: 4/5
  • Leadership competence: 3/5
  • Work independently: 5/5
  • Communication: 4/5

Level 5 Team leader

  • Specialist knowledge: 5/5
  • Leadership competence: 4/5
  • Work independently: 5/5
  • Communication: 5/5

Level 6 Head of

  • Specialist knowledge: 5/5
  • Leadership competence: 5/5
  • Work independently: 5/5
  • Communication: 5/5

Career changers welcome

What previous qualifications
do I need?

  • You don’t need a degree, training or experience
  • We work you in carefully
  • We’ll give you an SEO Manager certificate as a gift
  • So everything is relaxed
  • However, if you have previous knowledge – all the better
  • Your smart skills are crucial for us
  • You’re on your toes
  • Can organize yourself
  • Have a high level of comprehension
  • You are forward-looking
  • Want to develop personally
  • And you’re ready for lots of fun

Can I also make a career with you?

Committed employees with ambitious
targets are always welcome

impulsQ GmbH is a young company on course for growth.

Senior Marketing Manager

You can either join us directly as a senior or be promoted to senior on the basis of your affiliation, expertise, and experience. As a Senior Marketing Manager, your know-how will not be only appreciated by customers, but you will also be actively involved in the company with other managers. Setting up processes, taking on personnel responsibility, shaping departments… You will become a sparring partner for all employees and, thanks to your soft skills, a respected leadership personality. Can it get any better?

As a team leader, you are a role model and responsible for a group of 4 to 8 people. Before you lead a team with us, you will need to demonstrate your skills for at least six months within the leading group. Have internalized each process and deliver conscientious and structured work. You become a team leader when you feel ready for it. We will encourage and support you along the way. You give 110%. We honor that. You become a team leader.

Team leader
Managing Director

We participate in various companies several times a year. We are looking for a suitable Managing Director. If you feel called to higher things and really want to go full throttle, then this would be the right option for you. Here, too, we stand by your side, so you don’t throw yourself in at the deep end. You should develop as a Managing Director. We want you to be successful. In the end, we as a company will also be successful. Prove your skills with us – become a Managing Director.

Experience vs. no experience

How can I
develop myself?

* Marketing, SEO, Social Media …

Our values! #corporateSocialRepsonsibility

Digital, but human!

  • #SlavaUkraini
  • #TheEarthFears
  • #Diversity
  • #WomenNoObjects
  • #NoAfD
  • #FemaleLeadership

We live a productive error culture

I make mistakes myself every day. Learn from them and do better next time. It is important that decisions are made independently. It is perfectly normally that you aren’t always right.

Experience is the sum of your mistakes: That’s why I like the word “learning culture”.
So you can develop positively with us. Imperfection brings us forward.

Martin Brosy
Managing Partner impulsQ GmbH

We want to become THE digital agency. Together with you.


Together on an equal footing

We don’t want you to adapt. You are pretending. Everyone should and may participate freely in development. Be as they are. We have no room for discrimination or harassment. We are all different.

Exploring the Digital Future: What makes us unique.
This is exactly what creates a noticeably positive spirit in our company.

Gesina Kunkel
Managing Director

We can tell you a lot

What our employees say

The effort required to satisfy customers is enormous. The will as THE agency that can simply do everything is a really great approach and the goal of what you think of impulsQ when you hear the term SEO is absolutely desirable.
impulsQ is a company that takes care of its employees and gives them the opportunity to develop and grow.
I am proud to be part of a team that is working for a better future while keeping an eye on the needs and wishes of customers. As an employee at impulsQ I have the opportunity to work on exciting projects and deepen my skills.


Fancy a workation?
With us?

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Our hiring process

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Send application + CV


Wait a maximum of 24 hours

We will get back to you within 24 hours and arrange an appointment for a Zoom call or a personal conversation.


Zoom call or personal conversation

We get to know each other. You tell us what your goals are and what you expect from a career with us. We can also answer any open questions directly. At the end, we will arrange an appointment for a follow-up meeting.


Follow-up meeting

We had time to think about the first conversation again. This may have resulted in further questions. Let’s answer them together and continue our collaboration.


Your and our decision

You’re keen to work with us and we really want you in the team. Our decision We will let you know within a day and are already very excited that you are starting with us.


Onboarding buddy

Arrive for your first day. Your onboarding buddy will show you around and make sure you feel at home. An extensive familiarization phase begins and your onboarding buddy is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.


Academy for advanced training for SEO

In parallel to your day-to-day business, you will undergo recognized further training in SEO. With certificate and 100% remote. Within six months, you will proudly complete your SEO certification. All our employees have these opportunities. Whether intern or Senior SEO. If you want to, you can. Nice, isn’t it?

Contact details for your application

30 employees. 1 team.
Soon with you?

Do you still have any questions? No problem. This is how you can reach me. I would like to get to know you. If you would like to start directly with us, please let us know your earliest possible starting date and your salary expectations.

Gesina Kunkel
Managing Director
[email protected]