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ImpulseQ of time

We’ve always done it this way! Not us! Our experts do not believe in old-school nonsense, but are constantly setting new standards in online marketing. We keep our finger on the pulse, fascinate, inspire and create for our customers and clients. their target group with surprising and effective brand experiences. We provide a unique customer experience with a view of the big picture. That’s us, impulsQ of the time!


Our customers – The heroes of our story!

No matter how much we change as an agency. One thing will always remain the same: Your project stands is the top priority and is looked after with complete dedication. That is our commitment! The best results are achieved in a solid partnership. We believe in that! This creates something magical & valuable – real relationships. Digital must be emphatic. Digital needs heart. Digital needs soul.


Showtime for your success

Every day in the creative heart of Berlin and the European metropolitan region Stuttgart, our experts work together in interdisciplinary teams to ensure your success. Holistic customer experiences! Authentic communication! Creative approaches! Persevering! True to the motto – If it is important then kill the if.


Much more than experts

We are all digital experts. We are all one team. We are all impulsQ. Agile, dynamic, efficient and every other buzzword you can think of. Since the agency was founded, everyone in the team has had a monetary stake in our agency’s success. We are proud of this. We understand this alongside creative & geographical freedom in our owner-managed companies under respect. Together! For each other! We live that!

People. Media. Mission.

Working at impulsQ

We make a difference.
Always with your hand on the wheel.

Hope has never been our driving force. In the performance-oriented press and We believe that the future lies in public relations. Our customers choose the The impulsQ team takes care of the implementation. With a selection of over 250,000 websites, the pool of bookable media is inexhaustible. PR success is guaranteed. It’s nice to be in a company that completely rethinks the way an industry operates and revolutionized with innovative solutions.
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impulsQ in figures

New communication. New world of work.
For a new era.

  • Excellent full-service agency with 25+ experts in their field.
  • Over 250,000 media can be booked immediately.
  • There for you. Digital. Berlin. Hamburg. Reutlingen. Eberswalde.
  • Already 400+ satisfied customers.

Working at impulsQ

Success is good. We would like to
the next level. For customers
& employees

We stand for diversity, tolerance, equality and equal opportunities. Everyone is welcome here. We take our social responsibility as a company very seriously. very seriously. In addition to an appreciative working atmosphere, we are also committed to various social projects. We want to make the world a little better every day. The flap of a butterfly’s wings can have a big impact.
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The inner values count

Focus on our values

Become part of our family

Start with us. We make
from this an unerring
Precision landing.

Room for individual development. Career, if you are ready for it. We would like to, that you are working within an environment that serves you. You don’t have to apply to us if you work exclusively in the home office with free time management. We won’t put you off if you are looking for a management position with a broader range of responsibilities. range of tasks and more responsibility. We support you. Without pressure. Whenever you feel ready for it.

Shaping your future together

A motivating environment. A
appreciative environment. An identity.

The mega-cool thing about ImpulsQ is that the bosses also work, and they don’t just give orders, They work even more than we do, and you can see that they are not typical CEOs, who only demand, but work with the team and with the customers day after day.
ImpulsQ makes it possible to reconcile work and family life (work-life balance). I can work 6 hours a day, realize myself in this job as a team leader and also take part in family life, pick up my son from kindergarten or spend the afternoon with my daughter.
ImpulsQ is a company that takes care of its employees and gives them the opportunity, to develop and grow.
ImpulsQ gives me the opportunity to work with competent and committed people, who are not out to achieve their goals on their own, but who are committed to the success of the company. define it as teamwork and implement it as such. You can rely on the employees and the team spirit is always there.
ImpulsQ is great because it is multicultural and gives you the opportunity to get to know other people and cultures and also improve their foreign language skills. It’s not about that, where you come from, but what you can do.

A place for development & great stories

Anyone can talk about skills. We are actively working on this. Daily. All employees [ausnahmslos] undergo certified training at the Academy for Advanced Training in SEO.

Online marketing conferences are not just hearsay. Every year, we pass on our knowledge as speakers to an inquisitive audience. Some may use the word “professional idiot” as an insult, but we are proud of it, to always be able to give our customers a professional answer.

Gesina Kunkel
Managing Director

We work on this every day

Beginning: Customers.
End: satisfied customers.

Our backlinks transform our customers’ dreams of More visibility, traffic and leads into concrete goals. Which we achieve with our team.
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