Case Study / Case Study Ranksider

82% increase in registrations
52% increase in sales
With an investment of 5,000 euros

With an investment of 5,000 euros
  • 20 Natural backlinks generated
  • 160 Social media engagement
  • 134 Registrations on Ranksider
  • 31.000€ Turnover on Ranksider
Keyword difficulty
72 Very difficult

We estimate that you need backlinks from 224 websites, to rank in the top 10 for this keyword.

Content marketing can be so simple

A large part of the budget entrusted by the client was invested in the relaunch of EUR 5,000 was budgeted for marketing measures. In the face of aggressive competition, difficult niche and the goals that have been set are no easy undertaking.

Ranksider is a marketplace for buying and selling backlinks. Link buyers register and can buy valuable backlinks from strong publishers directly via the platform. The goal: We want as many SEO agencies as possible to become aware of Ranksider and in the future to be able to build links for their customers via the marketplace.

Taking into account the objectives set and the defined target group, we are working closely with the We entered the planning phase in consultation with the management of Ranksider. We needed a Idea. Nothing innovative. Something that gets us to our destination quickly and safely. An Ego Bait. SEO Trends 2023. Doesn’t sound sexy!

However, it is promising and only involves a small risk!

Boring idea + excellent implementation = return on investment of > 5

To design a complete content marketing campaign from A to Z for less than 5,000 euros, considerable efforts are required. We ourselves have developed the idea of a landing page with various Voices from the SEO scene on the topic of trends in 2023. We didn’t want to rely on leave. Which is why we immediately started with the PreOutreach. We have the idea at about 80 SEO sizes pitched. The response was great and far exceeded our expectations. Half of them sent us a paragraph on their personal trend topics. This meant that the Landing page filled with content.

A landing page! We had the content. Now we still needed the design. Within a few hours, our web designer delivered a first draft and after a few correction loops it was perfect. The Ego Bait slowly took shape. Our front-end developers had to do the rest take care of. Within a few hours, the website was up and running and everyone wanted to see the masterpiece that had been created. launch.

No sooner said than done: all participating SEOs were informed and one post followed the next on social media. Next. Momentum built up. Read on to find out what the campaign really achieved in the end below in this case study. We have carefully analyzed everything in the “Results” section. One thing is certain:

The SEO trends are updated every time.
Be smart.

ROI OF 5.2
  • Investment 5.000€
  • Natural backlinks generated 20
  • Registrations on Ranksider 134 from 72 + 216k
  • Turnover on Ranksider 91k from 60k +307 %
  • Customer since 2022 until today
  • Customer Ranksider

Proven benefits:
Two steps to 62 leads

Why the customer appreciates working with impulsQ

It was a hell of a lot of fun. The impulsQ team was available to me around the clock. watch as a sparring partner. The famous extra mile was gone without ifs and buts. With certainty an important guarantee of success.
Marco Möschter
Managing Director Ranksider

All expectations exceeded

Favorable campaign – extremely strong result

The costs for the content marketing campaign were manageable. The organization, the web design and the Conversions have cost less than 5,000 euros. Even though Ranksider is a B2B platform for The purchase and sale of backlinks, all well-known online marketers have taken part. That was not to be expected. The purchase of backlinks is viewed very critically within the scene. EGO-Baits pull nevertheless!

The first chart shows the number of referring domains. Here, we were able to generate 20 Generate backlinks from relevant websites in the SEO industry. Backlinks that none of the competitors can simply buy. The linkjuice was generated via the internal linking to the transactional Landing pages forwarded. This has had a positive effect on the visibility of the entire website. The LinkedIn post from Ranksider CEO Marco Möschter has gone through the roof. Until today it is the most successful post in his timeline. More than 100 likes and 59 comments! Particularly important – How times the post was shared. A total of 13 times. We have explained the commitment further below in the case study shown. Ranksider was and is under discussion. The first touchpoints with our very narrow target group we were able to produce. This has had a very positive impact on registrations and sales. You will find two charts below. Registrations have improved by 83% and deposits by 52%. A positive ROI.

Further effects of the “SEO Trends 2023” campaign cannot be quantified. The managing director Marco Möschter was able to significantly expand his network with the campaign and was invited to podcasts, for example and was able to present the results of the content marketing campaign in a lecture.

As a reminder – everything for an investment of less than 5,000 euros.

20 backlinks from the SEO scene


Branding & reach thanks to engagement

  • Neil Patel
  • Bianca Wündisch
  • Kevin Indig
  • Vanessa Wurster
  • Christian Kunz
  • Jens Altmann
  • Gero Wenderholm
  • Heinz Lustig
  • Malte Landwehr
  • Stephan Czysch
  • Robin Heintze
  • Patrick Klingberg
  • Martin Resch
  • Sven Deutschländer
  • Fabian Auler
  • Daniel Sternberger
  • Artur Kosch
  • Martin Witte
  • Andor Palau
  • Hanns Kronenberg
  • Anna Pianka
  • Alexander Walz
  • Axel Jack Metayer
  • Magdalena Mues
  • Martin Rau
  • Martin Brosy
  • Daniel Pomplun
  • Marco Janck
  • Marcus Pentzek
  • Anke Probst
  • Ralf Seybold
  • David Odenthal
  • Darius Erdt
  • Gesina Kunkel
  • Mandy Fröhlke
  • Nicolas Sender
  • Julia Weißbach
  • Sebastian Prohaska
  • Michael Weckerlin
  • Daniel Andres
  • Nina Roser
  • Florian Hieß
  • Andrea Claudia Delp
  • Udo Raaf
  • Michael Möller
  • Beatrice Köhler

82% more registrations

Thanks to the content marketing campaign, registrations with Ranksider have increased compared to the previous year. has changed positively.


52% more sales in four months


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