Case Study / Case Study AFS+

Increase in incoming backlinks by 136%
Increase in turnover by 200
Within one month

Relaunch + expansion of the offering + outreach
  • 136 % Increase referring domains
  • 95 % Improvement of the domain rating
  • 2.750 % Social media mentions
  • 179 Generated backlinks

Dusty! Unknown!
A unique challenge!

The Academy for Advanced Training in SEO has been training the next generation for more than 12 years. At that time, the Focus on the range of courses. The website and corporate identity were unfortunately neglected. treated. Which was not without consequences. Sales were down and brand awareness fell to a low level. minimum and fewer and fewer participants were interested in the SEO training.

No visibility = no success! What is the AFS? What is the AFS not?

That was the central question. From the answers, our team [consisting of designers, conversion experts, SEOs and copywriters] to develop a concept and give the website a new look and feel. design. The idea – playfully motivate website visitors to convert and leave no questions unanswered leave. Not an easy task.


We needed solutions with a guarantee of success

Put your heads together and brainstorm. All new. Nothing should stay the same! New design. New content. New photos. New structure. More depth. More information. More conversion.

Driven by the goals: More leads. More course participants. More turnover.

These and other points were implemented during the relaunch. The new website was now online. The SEO training took place online. More than 30 lecturers have worked in poorly produced videos passed on their expertise to the course participants.

If we are already in the relaunch phase, we might as well produce the courses from scratch! Why not? In 20 days, our film team, together with 60 lecturers, recorded 120 lectures live and in color in the studio. At the same time, two programmers have completely redesigned the Online Campus. After In just thirty days, we were able to successfully complete the work with enormous effort. We are always on fire for customer projects.

In February 2023, an idea manifested itself in our minds. Not every website visitor wants to complete an SEO training course lasting several months. Why don’t we do this in addition to the Certification for SEO a streaming service for online marketing topics?

Formerly unknown and ridiculed – today THE academy for SEO
  • Number of referring domains 310 from 131 +136 %
  • Domain Rating 45 from 23 +95 %
  • Mentions in social media 57 from 2 (per month) +2.750 %
  • Backlinks purchased 0
  • Customer since December 2022 – today
  • Customer AFS Academy for advanced training in SEO

We have the videos.
We have an exceptional team.

Just two months later, we went online with the streaming service and were able to launch another Establish offer. An additional source of income independent of training!

In the final step, we had to attract attention on social media and generate backlinks from relevant specialist portals. That’s why our outreach specialists got on the phone and has generated an incredible number of mentions in the media. The entire project and the digital PR strategy were a success across the board.

Insolvency averted in five steps

Why the customer appreciates working with impulsQ

What was achieved here within three months exceeded our expectations. exceeded by far.

Kick your career – that’s our slogan. Sounds hip. Sounds modern. We have achieved this with the website, the Online Campus and the video content. After 12 years, it was time for a new wind. We could not have imagined a better and more reliable partner than impulsQ GmbH can. We were lucky in misfortune, because without the experts from impulsQ we would still be in the year went bankrupt in 2023. We owe an incredible amount to impulsQ.

Dennis Protz
Managing Director of the afs Academy for Advanced Training
in Search Engine Optimization GmbH

Presentable results

We look back on our successes with pride

We have already demonstrated our skills to you above in the before and after comparison on the AFS website. The We owe you proof of the successful implementation of digital PR. We’ll get that now to: In the first chart you can see the development of the referring domains. All backlinks are of course was created.

DigitalPR that pops


The second chart shows the development of the domain rating. With the first streaming service for online marketing topics, we hit the bull’s eye. Many journalists thought it was a great idea and have written about it. You can find an excerpt from the report at the end of the case study.

Becoming an authority in just a few weeks


Which media have written about the new AFS?

  • - News, expert knowledge, practical tips
  • kino & co - Newsletter
  • Euregio - current
  • njuuz
  • Moritz
  • Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten - A publication of the Bonnier Publishing Group
  • mittelstandinbayern - The online business magazine
  • Paderborn newspaper
  • TrainingAtlas
  • PaderNewspaper
  • mediasteak
  • ww-courier

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