Case study for a startup

In four weeks, 56 media outlets reported on our client
Receive backlinks worth 26,155 euros
Including regional TV stations & online newspapers

When DigitalPR really pops
  • 500 % Increase in referring domains
  • 41 Average domain rating
  • 680.141 Reach of the media
  • 56 Generated backlinks

Product launch. Little budget.
A start-up story.

After four months, the time had come. Our customer has launched its product. Hooray! We all know that, what a great feeling that is. However, a product is only as good as its marketing.
And marketing costs money.

The customer has built up his start-up without external financing. The marketing budget was correspondingly low. At the same time, the client had high expectations of our digital PR campaign. Mentions in various media. If possible, each with a backlink to its product page. And it should be inexpensive. Did we mention that already? 😀

But it wasn’t quite that bad after all. After all, he gave us 15,000 euros to solve the problem. made available. Its primary objective – the client would like to use the mentions in the media to increase the Use product reputation. Classic “known from” approach. Not a bad idea, because our tests have has shown that this can actually increase conversion. His secondary goal – Our customer has not yet thought about search engine optimization. The priorities were product development. Understandable. However, he knows about the power of backlinks, as one of the most important ranking factors. As a result of our digital PR campaign, it has also become as many dofollow links desired. Media companies such as Axel Springer SE or the FUNKE Media Group usually only link with the nofollow attribute, if at all. For these reasons, the customer was that we pitch the product launch to journalists, where we can expect a dofollow linking.

Perfect – framework conditions are in place.
Now it’s full throttle. Now it’s time to overcome the limits of what is possible. We can do it! - News, expert knowledge, practical tips
media steak
Paderborn newspaper
Mittelstand in Bayern - The online business magazine
German Business News
Euregio News
kino & co - Newsletter
Moritz - The city magazine
Which media have reported on the startup? Extract

Solve the challenge.
Make customers happy. Typical impulsQ.

Fortunately, we haven’t just been doing digital PR and link building since yesterday. Experience is our advantage. In recent years, we have been able to build up a network of more than 250,000+ journalists. We can use the network for the campaign.

We just need to put together a task force and start planning immediately. Said – done. Project manager appointed. team of three outreach specialists. Editors briefed.

The aim: to contact the nicest and most uncomplicated journalists and to pitch the story to be developed. If we do it right, our customers should be able to receive at least 50 mentions & backlinks within four weeks.

Successfully support product launches with digital PR
  • Generated backlinks 56
  • Domain Rating 52 from 31 +69 %
  • Deadline 4 weeks
  • Budget 15.000 €
  • Customer since April 2023 – today
  • Customer StartUp

Four steps to a successful
DigitalPR campaign planned

Why the customer appreciates the collaboration

I was able to talk openly about my expectations
to the campaign. I was listened to.
Solutions were presented.
My expectations were exceeded.

Actually, impulsQ should be renamed impulsU. “U” for uncomplicated. From the very beginning I felt very well looked after until the end of the campaign. I was able to talk openly about my expectations of the campaign. speak. I was listened to. Solutions were presented. My expectations were exceeded. Is there not so often in the agency landscape. Thank you!

Stephan H.
Managing director and shareholder of a start-up



Visitors per month


SI + DR + Media


Presentable results

The customer saved 13,255 euros.

Do you remember? At the beginning of the case study, we talked about a budget of 15,000 euros. Good news for the customer. We have not used up the budget. We have a total of 12,900 euros will be invoiced. Not bad.

What has the customer received in return?
We received a total of 56 publications in four weeks. Including 25 online newspapers, 17 trade media, 11 business magazines, 2 regional TV stations and a radio station. All published article was written by our in-house editorial team. This is unprecedented. Thanks to the excellent contacts we place a link to the customer in every article. Dofollow. On average, the backlinks had a domain rating of 41 and a visibility of 14. We would have preferred to share the client’s story with a larger audience. Media houses pitched. Unfortunately without guaranteeing dofollow links and many publications can. But that was exactly what the customer wanted. The result is impressive. According to the equivalent value of the 56 publications generated by us is EUR 26,155. The customer has paid but only 12,900 euros. He has therefore saved 51% compared to the individual purchase.

Customer happy. ImpulsQ happy.

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