Case Study / Case Study My Deal

Increase in organic traffic by 307%
Increase in turnover by 200

Deal site with affiliate partnerships in a very difficult competitive environment
  • 307 % Increase in traffic
    • Competitors 1 -3 %
    • Competitor 2 47 %
    • Competitors 3 -4 %
  • 48 % Increase in keyword rankings
    • Competitor 1 -9 %
    • Competitor 2 -20 %
    • Competitor 3 18 %
  • 216 % Increase in the top 10 rankings
    • Competitor 1 7 %
    • Competitor 2 33 %
    • Competitor 3 60 %
Keyword difficulty
72 Very difficult

We estimate that you need backlinks from 224 websites, to rank in the top 10 for this keyword.

It all started with a phone call

In preparation for the introductory meeting, we are already prepared for the first challenges. encountered. Strong competition. Established competition. The customer lost out on all counts. Low domain authority. Poor user experience. Inferior backlink profile. None Advice section. Technical onpage errors. Strong fluctuations in Google updates. In the video call our fears were confirmed. To date, the project has only been tinkered with. Without recognizable SEO strategy. Without any successes worth mentioning.

That was the starting signal for a collaboration that continues to this day.

Proven solutions for maximum visibility

We have formulated a primary goal. Top rankings for all relevant keywords. No niche keywords, but a generic keyword set. No success without planning.

In the first step, we carried out a detailed link audit to identify spam links. carried out. We used the results to fill the disavow file and within a short time we had a significant uplift in the rankings. In the meantime, our on-page experts have been looking at the technical errors and created a catalog of measures. The onpage errors were in coordination with the monthly budget.

An editorial plan was drawn up on the basis of detailed keyword research. This enabled we not only increase traffic, but also become an authority within the industry. Due to the highly competitive nature of the keyword set [KD > 70], there was no way around buying backlinks over. We were able to access our portfolio of well over 100,000 websites. In order to link profile, we implemented three content marketing campaigns in the following years. All of them were extremely successful and brought the client backlinks that the competitors did not have. could simply buy.

In the final step, the most important landing pages were optimized. For the user. For Google. As a result, we outperformed our competitors and made the customer the market leader within the of his industry. In the end, this also had an impact on sales. Great results. Over the years, a customer relationship became a friendship. Also in the coming years we will give 110 percent for the customer.

From noname to #1 deal site
  • Traffic per month 497k from 122k +307 %
  • Keyword Rankings 266k from 179k +48 %
  • Top10 Rankings 23k from 7k + 216k
  • Backlinks purchased 672
  • Customer since 7 years (2017)
  • Customer Deal page

Six steps to 307% more traffic

Why the customer appreciates working with impulsQ

At the beginning of our collaboration in 2017, my website was the weakest in the competitive environment. Today we are the industry leader.

I have been able to rely on impulsQ GmbH for years. Martin Brosy is available to me around the clock. and even answers open questions on Sunday. Thanks to backlinks from strong websites with high Authority, outstanding link building articles and excellent service. Simply top.

Andreas S.

The anonymity of our customers is important to us. Confidentiality is a basic requirement for the purchase of Backlinks. We don’t want our customers’ rankings for a few customer logos and a little fame. risk. We are undoubtedly the best link building agency. You can always without obligation.

Unbeatable results

The figures prove the success of our work

The first interactive screen shows you four charts. This concerns the development of the organic visitors to our customer and its three strongest competitors. The customer rocks with our Help the Google search results. Below you will find a diagram with the real sales figures of our customer. Everything we do for the customer has a positive impact on their sales.

Development of organic visitor numbers


Development of sales


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