Case study for a landing page

Optimization of a landing page with 43,000 visitors
40 % more visitors in just 4 weeks
with an investment of just 2,000 euros

SEO doesn’t have to be expensive
  • 40 % Increase in monthly visitors
  • 60.000 Monthly visitors [Nach der Optimierung]
  • 37 % Increase in keyword rankings
  • 2.000 € Investment from the customer in 2024
Keyword difficulty
50 Difficult

We estimate that you need backlinks from 78 websites, to rank in the top 10 for this keyword.

Displaced by competitors. Customer loses rankings + valuable visitors.

The customer’s landing page ranked 4th for a keyword from the gastronomy sector. The first three places were occupied by the fire itself. In 4th place, the customer still has every received more than 60,000 visitors per month via Google. Not bad.

This did not go unnoticed by his competitors. They have also eagerly created a landing page for created the keyword and pushed our client from 4th to 6th place. And rightly so, because the Competitors’ landing pages were significantly better and better matched users’ search intentions. answered.

So we took up the challenge and undertook a comprehensive optimization. Because let’s be honest. Our client’s landing page was garbage.

But! That’s what we’re here for.
So don’t take too long, get on with the meatballs!

The best solution for a budget of 2,000 euros

First of all: keep calm. No quick fixes.

The landing page was not only visually a disaster, but also in terms of content with 511 words quite weak on the chest in blog format. A revision and expansion of the content were absolutely necessary. A lot also had to be done graphically. Fortunately, we have talented Web designer in our team.

Our goal: to catapult the customer back to 4th place with as little effort as possible. Not just for a few weeks, but for the long term. Even if a budget of 2,000 euros is quite tight is measured, it is not impossible. We have now been able to prove this.

Successful implementation of landing page optimization
  • Organic visitors 60,000 from 43,000 +40 %
  • Organic keywords 4,230 from 3,090 +37 %
  • Deadline 1 week
  • Budget 2.000 €
  • Customer since 2024
  • Customer Gastronomy

Eight steps to 17,000 more
visitors per month

Why the customer appreciates the collaboration

The response time was fantastic.
The result surprised me myself. But I have
I was happy to pay the 2,000 euros.

It has demonstrably brought me something and with impulsQ GmbH I have a competent partner from now on. Contact person at my side. Even for the difficult cases.

Marek W.
Managing director and shareholder

The customer is pleased about an increase in traffic of 17,000 visitors

SEO is not a black box.
Provided you know what you are doing.

Our hourly wage is 100 euros. We were only able to achieve the contribution margin with this project. That’s not a bad thing. We like to do it and when we accept an order, we want to do it well. do it right. Because in the end, we don’t do it for the money, but because it’s our passion. If it turns out to be such an incredible success, it will easily outweigh every euro of profit.

One thing is certain. The target set by the customer was achieved with 4th place. This implies an increase in traffic to 60,000 visitors/month. Only for the one landing page. Fierce. Of course, we are also a bit proud of us. The customer is 100%.

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