Case Study / Bausatzhaus case study

Increase in social media traffic by 1,814%
Increase in followers/fans by 106%

With an investment of 4,000 euros
  • 1.814 % Social media traffic (website)
  • 106 % Social media followers/fans
  • 193.716 Impressions
  • 10.509 Unique Visitors
Keyword difficulty
60 Very difficult

We estimate that you need backlinks from 224 websites, to rank in the top 10 for this keyword.

Push solid houses on social media!
Very difficult. Not for us.

A local house builder sounds anything but sexy at first. Doesn’t sound like social Media. So it’s no wonder that there was no social media concept and the social channel was only has been neglected.

Fortunately, we were allowed to change this and give free rein to our creativity. Creativity and a holistic approach were also urgently needed. After all, this is a contested Niche with little sex appeal. We love challenges like this. The almost impossible in the end possible.

The client’s goals: Acquire new customers via social media. Reach in the social networks build up. Establish processes.

Our reaction: Challenge accepted!

Why did we accept the order? Kim Adamek explains:

The team was super friendly and we got on well straight away. Everything was communicated transparently and we knew what we were getting into.

We were delighted with the request and the resulting acceptance. It was clear to us that if Not us, who else? A major part of our work consisted of strategic planning. All necessary Social media processes have been carefully worked out so that a subsequent handover works seamlessly. In the end, we were just as happy as our customer. It’s great when work is appreciated.

Kim Adamek
Managing Director

Implement processes and test them for success

A non-commercial content strategy was developed at the beginning of the collaboration. In the In addition to the keywords researched, the search intent of the users and the search terms were also user is taken into account.

Visibility in the search engines has increased as a result of the creation of a content hub and has Page impressions increased significantly. At the same time, we were able to optimize the Feed social media channels with initial postings.

To ensure that the client receives full attention on social media, our Content Creation department created various visuals [images, videos, GIFs].

Of course, posting articles is not enough. Efficient community management had to be implemented. Which we have done purposefully and successfully. Right from the start When we started working together, we realized that we were booked as a temporary agency. Our task was to set up processes and create blueprints. When our approach proved to be successfully, we have outsourced the social media support to the Haus und Hof agency of the customers.

You can read customer feedback on our work below in this case study at the Read the testimonial.

  • Investment 4.000€
  • Social media followers/fans:
    During our collaboration
    4,368 from 2,113
  • Social media followers/fans:
  • Social media traffic (own website) 2,068 of 108 per month
  • Turnover 6.100.000 €
    of € 5,900,000
    +3,38 %
  • Customer since 1.5 years
  • Customer Kit house

Four steps to 193,716 impressions
and 106% more followers/fans

Why the customer appreciates the collaboration

The creative ideas make us feel that we are in good hands and always picked up. Through and through good cooperation. Absolutely recommendable.
Melanie K.

Social media on track

Convincing results – proven concept

The reach of social media is almost unlimited. To be able to exploit the full potential, customers have to be looked after for years. This costs money, because the “hot shit” can only be corresponding resources are created. Our task was not to acquire 20,000 new followers/fans. generate. Rather, we have laid the foundations. We have established processes. Strategies tested and Everything is handed over to the client and their agency after a successful phase. Within this time we achieved a significant uplift in the area of social media. The customer’s turnover was also be significantly increased.

Melanie K.

Social media uplift


Sales development


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Finally getting started on social media

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